¤ Pŗınted Pıecĕs ¤

If you came to check things out after reading an article of mine, I especially welcome you and thank you for taking the time to visit!

I’ve had the privilege of writing for two different projects: ViBrant Magazine (currently) and The Brant Advocate (past). I’ve listed them below for your convenience!

ViBrant Magazine

I’ve only recently joined this project, so I don’t have much to share quite yet!

Make Time to Escape – Take a break from the busy; enjoy life around you and take it in!

The Brant Advocate

The Brant Advocate was a local paper I used to contribute to. I know, spiffy, eh? Unfortunately, the paper has run its course and is no longer in circulation.
You can still check out their website to see what else might stir your fancy from past posts: The Brant Advocate
As for my contributions, here they are for you to check out:

Dabbling with Digital Dating – Been there, dated, found a winner! Now here’s some advice to make your experience just as enjoyable!

Carpe Diem, Guys, Carpe Diem – Here’s a smaller, but more motivational piece. Tiny, but packs a punch!

Is Russia the Future Panem? –  This piece touches on some of the injustices taking place within Russia and speculations on the safety of our Olympians during the Games for 2014.

HIV: Update Your Status – Learn the basics about HIV as it is relevant to today. Do your part, spread the knowledge.

Remove the Taboo! – Let’s acknowledge that there’s various sexual orientations and we need to establish a sense of normalcy about it!

Leading Russia into the Dark Ages – Putin’s trying to pass an anti-gay law in Russia… How archaic? Very!

I’d Say 2012 Was Triumphant…! – My recap of 2012 being a successful year 🙂

How Do You Celebrate? – What’s your holiday of choice? Let everyone celebrate how they want.

Advice For My Un-Adopted Children – This is my advice for my potential future kids. Completely applicable to anyone, really. 😉

It’s Official! I’ve Been Published! – My first article in a NEWSPAPER! IN INK! 😀 In sum, it’s my brief coming out story.


Share your thoughts! :)

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