Here’s a list of all my 2012 posts, complete with a brief synopsis.
Top-most is most recent!
Browse away!

The End Is Near…Maybe…?! – The fateful day of Dec 21, 2012 is finally upon us! What will happen?! :O

How Do You Celebrate? – What’s your holiday of choice?

Advice For My Un-Adopted Children – My second article to ever be published 🙂 It’s my advice for my potential future kids.

Time Goes By, So Quickly – Life is short; what do you spend your time on? Make it count.

Celeb Look-A-Likes! – Self-explanatory 😛 Take a peek at the pics!

The Golden Rules of Ann Landers – A list of 12 guidelines every person, who has commonsense, should know.

It’s Official! I’ve Been Published! – My first article in a NEWSPAPER! IN INK! 😀 In sum, it’s my brief coming out story: “It’s Okay to be Gay”

OCD and Me. Kinda. – Some of the crazy quirks that make me…me! You probably share some of them 😉

Springtime Movies Abound – Some movies to look forward to this spring/early summer. Complete with trailers, like Hunger Games!

Bub-bye Old Man Winter! – Signs spring is on its way, like spring cleaning! And bugs!

Word Time! – For Fun Frans and Positive Petunias only! A random post about being fun and inventing words.

Originality Is Overrated – Quoting others for fun. So what if everything’s been done before; do it again! Also attached is a clip of the “Miranda” show.

Oscar Wieners! – A night at the Academy Awards, reviewed. No I didn’t actually get to go 😛

Mornings – Morning routines! Yay! Also, the birth of the Musik Video sharing.

Did You Watch the Grammy’s?! I Did!!! – The Grammy’s; how spectacular! Catch up on what you missed!

Gone Ottawa-ing – Some pics from 2012’s Winterlude!

Communication Matters – My experience from watching the movie “Friends With Money” and what I took away from it. Take the time to watch this movie.

The Good Ole Video Game Days! – My Top 10 Video Games, from the older generation consoles. Have a read; it’ll take you down memory lane, gaming style.

Excessive Enoughness – Sharing my OCD thoughts on not being able to give to people enough. I want to give more, and more and more and more and more…

A New Year, A New Blog – My first post, EVER! Includes new year’s resolutions and the reason why I called this “Schnipp Its.”

Hope this index page was helpful! 😀


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