Did You Watch the Grammy’s?! I Did!!!

I, like so many other people, watched the Grammy’s last night.
I know there’s a lot of tough critics out there, but really, I enjoyed it! I don’t know if I’m easy to please or if I’ve learned to take things as they are and enjoy them. Sure, there could be some questionable fashion statements, but at least these people are at the Grammy’s and making millions of dollars. I’m sorry, are you on stage right now? Do you have a ton of fans praising your every move?

Didn’t think so.

I unfortunately missed the opening red carpet, but I did catch Sophia Grace and Rosie there, decked out in their outfits Ellen DeGeneres had given them. These little 8- and 5-year old girls must have had a blast, spotting all the famous artists amidst them. If you don’t know who they are, google them. Ellen picked them up from YouTube and got them on the show to meet Nicki Minaj. Their latest appearance, right before the Grammy’s, they performed Keri Hilson’s song with their own added lyrics. Might I add, these lyrics were pretty fly.

As exciting as the Grammy’s are, it was also very sad to learn of Whitney Houston’s passing the previous evening. She was recognized throughout the evening on many occasions. The most memorable tribute was by Jennifer Hudson. Not only did she nail the delivery, she managed to fight through her emotions to keep from breaking down. A couple of times it seemed she’d start tearing up, but she did Whitney proud. It was a highly emotional performance that will be remembered by all.
Rest in peace, Whitney. We’ll always love you.
Even through this tragedy, the energy was kept lively most of the night, to celebrate the joy Whitney had delivered during her career.

I found this Grammy year was a year of more live performances than actual award-giving. Obviously, all 78 categories were given to their rightful winners, but they learned to not air as many of the boring speeches they had in previous years.
Adele cleaned up by collecting 6 Grammy’s in the categories that mattered, including, “Record of the Year,” “Song of the Year,” and “Album of the Year.” What’s the difference in categories? I’m not entirely sure, but it’s pretty awesome to get all of them! Adele tied as the female artist to win the most Grammy’s in one night with Beyoncé, from a previous year.
Adele’s performance was also spot on and proved to the world that her vocal surgery went over smoothly. I was happy to see her perform 🙂

Foo Fighters cleaned up in the Rock section, taking 5 Grammy’s of their own. They were pretty busy all night, gathering awards and performing multiple times.
Skrillex, a dance/electronica group, managed to take 3 Grammy’s as well. I have no idea who they are, but I best check them out.
As well as Bon Iver. He won for “Best New Artist,” and I had no bleeping idea who he was. I’ll need to take a listen.

There were a number of outstanding performers. If you didn’t see it, you should.
Taylor Swift performed “Mean,” a song about bullies. I loved her altered lyric choice near the end: “One day I’ll be singing this at the Grammy’s and all you’re gonna be is mean.”
She received a standing ovation, leaving Taylor in complete shock and awe. It must be something special to have an entire auditorium of thousands of people applauding you. Crazy.

Katy Perry’s number was something I found very interesting. She opens with “E.T.” and then the audio distorts and the lights go out. At first I’m like, “Oh shit! What happened?!”
And then BAM she’s in a glass cage way up high, and she starts singing a different song. A song I didn’t recognize. Oh no, she didn’t! She’s debuting a new song, at the Grammy’s! Awesome, or what?! I was impressed.
She had to have had a body double doing the first portion; there’s no way she could get in the glass box so fast, change her hair and her costume! I enjoyed the one guitarist up front with her – very sexy. And the ice statues being lit on fire was pretty cool, too.
Obviously this song is her stepping out and accepting being single. A slap to Russell. There’s numerous lyrics that tips it off, like, “So you can keep the diamond ring / It don’t mean nothing anyway.”

Among the duets and group sing-a-longs was The Beach Boys. The reunion was a neat idea, but can I just mention that lead singer, Mark Foster, of Foster the People was rather cute!? I didn’t realize how cute he was until I saw him up there!

Rihanna did her thang, and then joined Coldplay to do “Princess of China,” leading to Coldplay to do “Paradise.” I thought using the song they sang together as a transition between artists was brilliant. Again, I’m easily impressed though.

And who stole the most riveting performance this year? None other than Nicki Minaj! Her crazy antics made me happy!
I only got to see her briefly at the Superbowl, so seeing her spectacle on the Grammy’s was great!
Not only did she start her theatrical number in a confessional with a priest, there was a short video clip to follow. As Roman Zolanski – one of her many personalities – she seems disturbed and possessed; hence the exorcist feel.
Then back on stage, Nicki is chained to a slab, where she begins her rap. The first time seeing it, I was a) excited to hear another new song, and b) wondering what blasphemous references to the church she was going to make.
Most people would walk away from Nicki’s stunt as, “stupid,” “horrible,” or a “waste of time.” But I disagree.
Drake introduced her saying she’s, “…the most intelligent, beautiful and driven woman I know.” I’m glad she has a good support system to help her combat whatever controversy people dig up.
If you listen to the main chorus/chant of the song, it explains why the song is called “Roman Holiday.” Some lyrics go: “Take your medication, Roman / Take a short vacation, Roman … Some alterations on your clothes and your brain.”
Pretty much how I see it, she’s taking a stab at people who run to drugs to “fix” their kids, or themselves for that matter. Take some medication to fix your behaviour, your thoughts. Alter your clothes so you don’t stand out. Alter your brain so you can conform to society.
Nicki’s performance clearly stood out and fought against conforming. The setting of the church and exorcism also added to the message of trying to fix someone. It was as if to say she had a demon inside of her that made her so outlandish, but others (like her mom and church) wanted to silence her creativity.
There’s more messages I’m sure she’s delivering at the same time, but that’s what I took from it.
Overall, I know Nicki Minaj can be pretty out there and crazy, but that’s what I love about her. She’s also been the only artist that has warmed my views towards the rap genre. That’s a feat in itself.

I hope you take the time to check some of these amazing artists out 😀

Have a good week and write your Oscar party on your calendar for Feb 26th!
Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers, or haters 😛 CHOW!


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