“Are you having a cereal party?” my dad asked as he walked in the kitchen.
I glanced at the dining table. I had my bowl of cereal, the milk carton, a box of Frosted Flakes, and a box of Cheerios. It was certainly a cereal party.
“Why yes, yes Dad I am having a cereal party,” I replied sarcastically.
“Are you mixing cereals?!” he asked, appalled.
“What’s wrong with that?”
“He thinks it’s an abomination,” my step-mom added.
Ludicrous, I thought. Why can’t you mix cereals? You get the best of each world?! If you’re a mixer, you’d understand 🙂
I mix cereals all the time; Fruit Loops with Corn Pops, Sugar Crisp and Cinnamon French Toast, Honeycombs with Golden Grahams. Delish! Try it! I make it a half/half ratio.
When you do try it; apparently it’s now called a “Cereal Party.”

“You’re not invited to my cereal party,” I told my dad.
And that was final.

Everyone’s morning routine is different, with a different order of things to do, etc. My day ideally always starts with some food; a good hearty bowl of cereal is usually sufficient for me. The only times the order gets screwed up is when I’m staying at a friend’s house or at a hotel; then I need to focus on looking half-decent before shoveling food in my face.
Then I proceed to get ready for work (given it’s a weekday). And that involves my daily, wonderfully refreshing shower 🙂 Who doesn’t like to get all nice and clean?!
I’m not sure what your shower routine is, but I like to make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature before I even try stepping under the stream. And then I also have a little OCD thing I do. Call me weird, but I totally do it every time I shower! I softly kick some water to the back of the tub, with a side sweep of the foot. Why do I shuffle the water around like this before even showering? I want to make sure any lint from my socks that I tracked in, or loose hairs, are washed away. I like to think I’m standing in a clean tub before I can clean myself ahah!
My friend started a topic debate on her Facebook on what you clean first; your body, or your hair? I personally start with the face, wash my hair, and work down from there. My theory is that if your hair is dirty, you should clean it first so the “dirt” can wash itself down off your body. Because if you wash your body first, and then your hair, I feel like your just getting your body re-dirty.
Yup; I already said I’m weird. Get over it ;P

So after the refreshing shower, I get changed and style my hair for the day.
During this process, and sometimes during the shower process (depending on if anyone is home at the time), I like to dock my iPod and blare some music tunes. Sometimes I prefer a certain artist, but for the most part I keep it on shuffle.
My own private karaoke party generally ensues, complete with wildly entertaining dance moves. Yes, I sing and dance in private. Don’t tell me you don’t, because then you’d be a liar.
Believe me, I’m not any good, but I have fun with it. And it usually helps to put me in a better mood for the day. Seriously, music is a good medicine for me. 🙂 And being gay, dancey pop music is a natural fuel for me 😉

Which brings me to this next segment, aka my brain baby.

Since I start my day with some good tunes, I thought, “Why not share some of these tunes?”
So what would I like to share with you today?!
Hehehe…. muahahaha….. Bahahahah!

… Sorry, the power of suspense overwhelmed me for a moment.

I’m currently loving Nicki’s newest single. For some reason I haven’t heard it on the airwaves yet at work, but it’s a close reminder of Super Bass, which I also love 🙂

Here it is:

Starships – Nicki Minaj

I’m biased; Nicki is awesome. I enjoy her “Twinkle, twinkle little star,” lyric because that’s my favourite song to audition with when I go for cast calls, obvi. No’m’sayin’?
Okay… I don’t actually audition for cast calls, but I playfully said I would to my theatre friends. They think “Twinkle, twinkle little star” is my best performance, and I agree 🙂

Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend and enjoys their week! Don’t forget The Oscars tomorrow!!! I’ll be watching it alongside my ballot sheet, guessing who will win what! 😀 I love it!
Updates on the anticipated Academy winners to follow!
Peace out homies! xox


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