Oscar Wieners!

If you didn’t get to see the Oscars, you missed out.
There were a number of presentations I enjoyed, and seeing all the celebrities dressed up and smiling is always fun for me.
Emma Stone is a charmer, and I love her! So it’s only natural I loved her presentation for Visual Effects alongside Ben Stiller. Take a look!

Emma Stone and Ben Stiller Present

They begin presenting at the 1:00 mark, fyi.

A couple of friends and I filled out our own ballots, making guesses on who will win what Oscar in what category. I didn’t do so well… Out of the 24 categories, I only guessed 5 right… Whereas my friend Polly got the most guesses right: 11 out of 24.
It definitely keeps everyone paying attention to see who wins what, it helps you keep track of the winners, and it adds a little competitive feel (for who wins the most correct guesses).

But we’ll pretend I didn’t lose!

So who won the most anticipated Academy Awards?!
I admittedly didn’t see many of the nominees for the Best Picture, but I would like to, now that I know what they are 😛
I was rooting for “The Help” to win for Best Picture, but the black and white, silent movie “The Artist” took the cake!
Including this award, “The Artist” won five Academy Awards altogether. “Hugo” also collected five awards, even though it was nominated in eleven categories.

Which takes us to the Leading Actor… Who took it? Brad Pitt or George Clooney?
It was Jean Dujardin, the star of “The Artist.” This was his first nomination, and first win, which is pretty awesome! Don’t quote me on this, but I’m under the impression he didn’t have any formal training in theatre or acting. I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

What about Leading Actress?! Now this category I thought would be hard to choose from. We have superstar Meryl Streep, gorgeous Viola Davis, cutie-pa-tootie Michelle Williams, newbie Rooney Mara, and talented Glenn Close. How do they manage such a hard decision?!
I was rooting for Viola (I’m biased for “The Help,” like completely! Did I mention Emma Stone is in it too?! :))
The winner was superstar Meryl Streep. Fun fact: she’s had seventeen… SEVENTEEN nominations! That’s the most nominations, like, ever! And this particular award marks only her third win. And her speech was superb. Friends are indeed amazing. ❤ you, my friends!

Supporting Actor now! Honestly, I had no idea who the other nominees were besides Jonah Hill. Yes, I did watch “The Sound of Music” and I only clued in afterwards who Christopher Plummer. Because he won 😛
And I’m very interested in seeing “Beginners” now. A) because Chris is a gay character in it and B) Ewan McGregor is in it, and he is damn fine!

Supporting Actress up next! Again, super tough choice here. I was hoping Octavia would take it, but I was also voting for Melissa McCarthy (how often do comedy movies get nominated?) and Jessica Chastain. If you haven’t seen “The Help” yet, this is my official promotion of it: Watch it. It’s legitimately incredible.
The winner was Octavia and she was so overwhelmed that she cried through her speech. Such a sweetie.

I don’t plan on covering all the categories… ’cause there’s only a few that I actually care about, like the aforementioned. And Costume Design. I’m interested to see who’s costuming skills captured the eyes of the Academy.
This year, it was “The Artist.” If you look at all of the nominees, they were all time pieces. Which makes sense, because costuming for present-time movies is never that exciting, since we see it everyday.

The best Animated Feature is a fun category, too! Unfortunately, there weren’t many good animated films this past year. Which is why “Rango” won… but generally, good movies win this category 😛

Movies aside, did you catch the Cirque Du Soleil performance?! ‘Twas awesome!
Like I said, if you missed this show, you missed some fun stuff.

Sidenote, I made a fun discovery at my friends’ place prior to the Oscars, which gave me another brain baby to help spice up my blog 😀 But that brain baby won’t be born until next time 😛 hehehe

Peace mofos!


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  1. Nice Post!! We love the Oscars and this year was really good. Billy Crystal really helped the show. Some of the hosts these last few years have been wildly un-entertaining! So true about that Cirque performance! It was awesome!!

    We’ve written up a couple of posts on the telecast and fashions, feel free to check them out:

    Thanks again for sharing!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! 😀
      I just took a look at your post and oogled all the lovely women 😉 I always get star-struck!
      And way to go on the 20 outta 24 guesstimations! I really did awful this year :S

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