Originality Is Overrated

So, I found this thing at my friends’ place last week. It was a book. And it sparked my interest. So I picked it up. And read the cover. And then I flipped through it. And read the random things within it. Some were funny. Some were humourously rude. Some were serious. Some were nonsensical.

All of them were quotes.

The cover quote read: “I always have a quotation for everything – it saves original thinking.” ~ Dorothy L. Sayers

That quote alone made me want to pick the book up and look for more.
But not only that; this quote was rather funny because it rang true on different levels. Everyone quotes someone at some point in their life, to make a point, to be hilarious, to relive that moment, or for whatever reason. You could quote your parents, your friends, celebrities, the prime minister, the guy next door, whoever. People are always quoting people. Sometimes with, or without, the added two-handed-two-finger-bunny-ear-double-twitch (You know what I’m talking about. Think about it; picture it). I’m guilty of said hand gesture.
Dorothy’s quote is also humourous, at least to me, because of the “original thinking” reference. I’ve had a few teachers tell us in school that, (here’s another quote, but this one is paraphrased :O) “Nothing is original anymore.”
I know, it’s very encouraging when you’re a budding new life, eager to explore the world, to learn that you cannot be original in this world. But at least they shot us down early, rather than later. Everything’s been done before.

Who cares though? Do it again! Just because someone else did it, doesn’t mean you can’t do it! And who’s to say that you won’t do it better? Or trip and make a mistake? At least you can say you tried. Sorry, I’ll stop myself from delving into a “ramble,” but what I’m trying to say is, it is true that nothing is original, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. And it doesn’t mean you can’t stand out doing it.

^ Quote that ^ That’s my motivational speech of the week. 😛

Getting back…
I’m guilty of quoting people. And I found this book had a number of interesting quotes. Quotes that would inevitably get me talking about something; relevent or not. Because your brain is peculiar in how it responds to things, pulling up random memories that are triggered by these things that someone else would consider totally unrelated.

Like the fact that I quote some random sources of my own. Sometimes I quote a certain TV show with a certain friend only in their certain presence because it has become an inside joke between us, since – like I said – it triggers a memory we had together or a bout of laughter we shared.
Other times, I quote a phrase, or more likely, a single word that I picked up from someone else. Mainly due to its out-of-place nature or the way in which it is said.

Off the top of my head, I tend to say, “Rude!” a lot. Generally when it’s called for, obvi. I like to think in my mind’s eye that I say it with a slightly insulted yet accusatory demeanor, like my good friend Miranda Hart does (She’s not my actual friend, but I’d be blessed if she was).

Here’s a little clip. I had a hard time finding a decent clip where she says, “Rude!” but if you watched the show you’d know what I’m talking about 🙂

Miranda Schnipp

I die laughing every time I see her. This show is hands down, EPIC!

Another quote I sometimes use, and yes, it is from another random source. I admittedly don’t use it as often, and you’ll probably judge me for being so uber cool.
It’s from Nicole Richie, in Simple Life.

I just tried looking for a video clip to show it… but, alas, I could not find one. 😦
If you ever watched Simple Life, you’d know how Nicky would say, “Sexual,” to things that were pretty mundane. Often she’d say it with a straight face, making the situation much more entertaining.
Instead, I found this! Oh these silly girls…



I know I went off topic, but why not?
It’s me being original! 😛
Take care! xox


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