Word Time!

Hola, Everybody! Como esta?!
Muy bien! Yay!

So I’ve come to realize that it is nearly half-way through the month of March. Nearly.
That’s nearly two and a half months of 2012 already gone. Guys, what have we been doing?! The world’s gonna end in like… two, three… eight and a half months! :O

I blog for three reasons: I like writing out my nonsensical thoughts, I like that others can now read these nonsensical thoughts, and I feel responsible to supply my few avid followers with something to read monthly, especially my bestie Ms. Anne. 😛 xox
Thank you all so much for stopping by here and there to have a quick read! 😀

Which brings me to this lil quote:
“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” ~ Oscar Wilde

I secretly hope I’m one of those people who bring happiness wherever I go, at least 80% of the time. And I hope by you visiting my blog it brightens your day by at least two notches. I know sometimes I can be pissy and not be the best of company, but isn’t everyone time and again? Like, everyone has bad days, but there are those people who are just negative and miserable like alllll the bloody friggin’ time! I wanna slap those people! If you hate your life that much, make some changes! Gosh darn it!
I know I aim to make changes with my life, but I’m still pretty happy with it’s current standing. I’m still relatively light-hearted and cheery and happy-go-lucky… right, guys? I think I am… at least in my mind’s eye!

Anyway, I only hang out with people who create a happiness within me. It’s attractive. So if you are my friend, it’s because you make me happy! 😀 I prefer not to waste my hang-out times with Negative Nancys. Who does? So if you are a Debbie Downer, I have something for you to try out! Add a little fun!
And if you are already fun, here’s some more fun!! YAY!
Become a Fun Fran! (bahaha, I kill myself…)

I notice my friends and I use a lot of short form words… And it hit me that some people might not have a clue as to what the short form is supposed to be short for, due to a misconception that happened at work.
I forget the convo (oh! <- short form there! Convo=conversation :P) but I had replied with, “Probs” and she thought I had a “problem” with what was said. I laughed and said, “No ‘probs’ means probably, not problem.”

I find it fun to make up words, make up short forms, and invent new ways of saying things, like in a different tone or accent, whatevs (Oooh! Whatevs=whatever).
So here’s a list of words I could think up… Feel free to add more of your own!

Obvi = Obviously. Sometimes stress the syllables… like thus: “OB-veeee”
Delish = Delicious. “Omg, that was soooo delish!!”
Dece (pronounced “dees”, like French “dix”) = Decent. “That movie was dece. His clothes were dece.” It means so-so, passable, good enough 😛
Perf = Perfect. Or perfectamondo! *lip smack*
Totes = Totally. “Did you like the book?” “Totes!” Generally followed by someone saying, “Totes McGoats!”
Fab = Fabulous. “Her outfit was totes fab on the red carpet!” For some reason I have a singing voice in my head singing, “Faaa-BUUU-LOUUUSS!”
Lil = Little. “I’ma eat jus’ a lil bit, eh?”
Scandy = Scandalous. The same voice from “Fabulous” is now singing this in the exact same way.
Fo sho = For sure. “You coming over tonight?” “Fo sho, homeskillet, dawg-man! Fo sho!”
Shyte (pronounced “sheyet/shahyt”) = Shit. The semi-polite version.
Betch = The fond, friendly version of Bitch. The scarier version is, “BOTCH!”, as done by a past roommate.
Word ≠ Word, literally. Generally pronounced, “Whuurrdd!” and could mean anything between, Hi, What’s up?, What’s the word?, Look I’m here, Greetings. Yup, I’m cool like that.

We are now moving into invented word territory… Some crazy shyte!

Cray-cray = Craziness. Madness. “What the hell just happened?” “I dunno, it’s cray-cray!”
Adding “-age” to nouns, yet remain nouns (pronounced “ehge”). Example: “I hate workage.” “How was schoolage today?”
Adding “-els” to nouns to pluralize (pronounced “uls”). Example: “Look at all these bookels!” “Mmm, I want some chipels to eat!”
Adding “-ie” for the hell of it. Example: “You’re staying home today, you’re sickie!” “You’re my bestie!”

Well, now that my post is littered with red-underlined words, that’s all I can think of at the moment… If more hit me, I’ll add ’em in! But like I said, be a Fun Fran and add your silly words too! 😀

You don’t necessarily have to be more fun to be around, but if you became more positive in life, you would ultimately become more enjoyable to be around. There’s too many negative stuff in life as is, so why add to it?

Have a good week folks! Go be Positive Petunias! Yay!


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