Bub-bye Old Man Winter!

I don’t know about you, but where I’m living, winter is officially gone in my books.
Well, it was gone like a week or so ago. In fact, winter here was pathetic (for 2012), to say the least.
How do I know? I shovelled once. ONCE. And the day after I shovelled, it all melted anyway, which rendered my proactive shovelling useless.
Global weather pattern changes, I say!

The other reasons I now declare it spring are very simple.

Harmless, but a creepy crawler nonetheless. That flies.

Box Elder bugs are now alive and rampant.

My friend’s house is currently infested with them, ew! Ms. Anne dislikes them very much, along with lady bugs. My assumption: because box elders can fly and are relatively careless fliers. They don’t care where they land, really. In your glass of water, in your hair, in your shoes, in your food, wherevers. Silly buggers.

My other positive reasons spring is in the air:
Last night I went to my friends’ place for a campfire in their backyard! The first one of the year! If that’s not a sign that the winter chills are gone, I dunno what is. A group of friends around the fire, singing into the night with a couple of brewskis. Perf!

And today I’m going to see Ms. Anne; we’re having a BBQ to celebrate the warm weather! Also, my first BBQ of 2012! Hooray! AND I’m busting out a pair of pink and navy plaid shorts today! Whoot!

I guess with the coming warm weather means more skin showing… which means I should possibly work on a tan. I’m pastey white, and have been every other summer, so I guess I don’t really need to work on a tan. Afterall, this will be the last summer (world blowing up 😛 sorry, it’s my ongoing tagline). Why change my blinding white skin for that?
Also, I could go for a little toning. I won’t look like those men in the video for “Body Work” (see previous post), but I can try just a little. Need to be somewhat easy on the eyes for the boys on the beach 😛

Cheers to the beginning of spring! Keeping this short because spring cleaning must ensue! Yay!

Take care and leave your winter blues behind! No more hibernating!

A big portion of the house’s basement has been “sprung clung!” Dad and bro made a new table/desk for the receiver and dvd player stuff, we tossed out old movies, old board games, made the laundry room more spacious (by tossing out stuff), and I did a lot of dusting with my trustee Swifer. When I say tossed out, we throw out what was actual garbage and set aside what we could donate to Salvation Army or whatevs.

As for me, my room is relatively clean all the time 😀 I did however go through my clothes and got rid of some questionable purchases. “They” say that if you haven’t worn something in like two years, you won’t ever wear it. Get rid of it and make room for the new!


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