Springtime Movies Abound

A new season is coming, and with it comes new, exciting things!
Sure, we’ve had some little cold spells, but spring is coming, dammit!

But what is so new and exciting that is coming with this warmer weather?! A couple of things, like good movies coming to theatres! Give yourself some time to check out the trailers I’ve attached 🙂
“Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts, the more family oriented Snow White story (out now). I plan on seeing this soon! Update: I failed to watch this in theatre 😦

“Snow White and the Huntsman” with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, the more intense Snow White story (expected for June 1st). I just hope Kristen doesn’t wreck it, ya know? Not the greatest actress in my books, sorry. Charlize Theron, on the other hand, can be pretty awesome. Update: Kristen didn’t ruin it! Yay! The movie was excellent! And the graphics (especially with Charlize’s face and the creatures) were flawless! I enjoyed it.

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” with a bunch of people like Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick (genius), Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Chace Crawford, Matthew Morrison, Chris Rock, Dennis Quaid, etc! It looks like a funny movie about impending parenthood (May 18th) What to Expect When You’re Expecting Trailer Update: This was GREAT!!!!! WATCH IT!!

“The Five-Year Engagement” with Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, where a recently engaged couple has to keep putting off their wedding for job opportunities, It looks funny, but also kinda sad, but good! Ahaha, all in one! (April 27th) The Five-Year Engagement Trailer Update: I failed to see it in theatres. Shame on me. I did watch it on DVD and it’s stuck with me. There were some fond moments.

“The Avengers” with all those super heroes! 😛 (May 4th) Update: Watched and it was decent. Plot was a little…lost? Scarlett did a good job though!

“The Dictator” with Sacha Baron Cohen, that crazy guy!! Expect extreme racism no doubt (May 16th)

“Men in Black III” … might be good? (May 23rd) Update: It was alright. I wouldn’t pay to see it again. It felt too slow and I wanted to see more of the Worms.

“Brave” another epic movie, I’m sure, from Pixar!!! I practically adore everything they make, and I’m sure this will be just as awesome! (June 22nd) Brave Trailer  Update: SUPER AWESOME! Mighty good time, for all ages! And the graphics were great at capturing the funny facial expressions of the characters!

“Seeking A Friend At The End Of The World” I HAD TO INCLUDE THIS, given my continuous references to the coming end in 2012, this movie trailer fits perfectly!! Haha, Steve Carell and Keira Knightley; a curious but good co-star pairing. (June 22nd) End of World Trailer

“The Dark Knight Rises” Anne Hathaway is joining this cast in this epic series! Can’t wait! (July 20th) Dark Knight Rises Trailer  Update: Anne Hathaway stole the ENTIRE movie for me!

As for movies to see right now, I HIGHLY suggest this incredible movie:
“The Hunger Games”

 For a longer trailer, watch it here: Hunger Games Trailer

This movie was made from a trilogy of amazing books (that I need to read!). The concept is rather twisted and violent, but it was conveyed so astonishingly. I’ve heard a number of parents say they disliked the movie, solely based on the fact that it is a group of children being pitted against one another to the death. Like I said; a twisted concept.
Check it out for yourself!

Another good movie to check out is “21 Jump Street.” It was a rather good, comical movie. Go in with zero expectations (haha) and come out pleasantly surprised!

I hope you all are as happy to see most of these movies as I am!!! 😀
Peace out for now, homies!!! Hasta luego!


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