Silversun Pickups

I first discovered Silversun Pickups from playing Rock Band. Their song “Lazy Eye” made me want to do more research on the band and discover more of their music. And now I want to share them with you!
Something about his raspy voice and the subtle addition of hers – not to mention the excellent beats – that makes me wanting more!

I consider Swoon, released 2009, as one of their best albums. Every song is a winner and unique in their own right. You know those albums that have the “Meh” songs on them? That’s not the case with Swoon! Here’s a taste:

The people in this music video pretty much did it for fun and for the love of the band. It’s a cute little number. If I had a nice dress and heels, I’d play musical chairs for free, too! Note: The actual song doesn’t have random pauses, that was just done for the effect of musical chairs 😛

Substitution – Silversun Pickups

What’s more exciting is they have another album called Neck of the Woods! I found one of their songs with this emotional video for it:

Dots and Dashes (Enough Already) – Silversun Pickups

Fun fact: Their music is also featured in the movie Sucker Punch! So check them out already, their name is a good enough reason: Silversun Pickups!
Hope you guys have a good almost-weekend!! 😛


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