Hello there, Karmin. Nice to meet ya!

This beautiful couple is responsible for creating Karmin, an awesome pop-rap band that’s fresh on the market.

They became famous by doing covers of such stars like Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne. But now they’ve gone and created their own music! And I’m talking about their EP called Hello!!!

I first discovered them when I heard the following song on the radio. So, naturally, I researched them some more and ended up pre-ordering their album from iTunes. 😀
It was a superb decision and I strongly encourage you to check them out; you won’t be disappointed!

Brokenhearted – Karmin

This next one is their title track, and just more fabulousness! The quality behind their music and production is astounding, they’ll be going far!

Hello – Karmin

This next part is absolutely GENIUS!
Because Karmin doesn’t have official music videos for all their songs, they created “Lyric Videos” for them. I think this idea is freakin’ brilliant; it’s a great way to keep the video entertaining while also delivering a quality track.
Every artist should start doing this so we don’t have to encounter poor quality sound clips posted by fans.

Too Many Fish – Karmin

I’m looking forward to see where these guys go, these super attractive buggers! ❤

Hope you guys enjoy them too!
Peace out for now, homies!


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