OCD and Me. Kinda.

Before I continue, let me explain. When I say I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I don’t actually have it! I say that I “have” it in a sense that I like certain things done in a particular fashion that others might think is overly particular or too neat or too extreme or just plain silly. None of them make me anxious in any way folks.

But let’s face it; everyone is particular about SOMETHING. Some more than most. I’ll let you be the judge on whether or not I’m too nitpicky. But as you do that, just remember you are weird too in your own way. So there 😛

(Oh, and they aren’t listed in any special order of degree of craziness or anything. Simply as I remember them.)

Making the Bed – For the most part, I make my bed every morning when I get out of bed. Yes, I guess my mom taught me well! I want my bed to look presentable in case anyone peeks inside, OR so I have a place to toss my clothes or book or wallet or whatever and not end up frantically searching for the item within the ruffled blankets, OR so guests have a comfy place to sit since my bedroom lacks chairs.

The Toilet Paper Roll – There’s probably a huge debate about this somewhere. For me, the toilet paper roll needs to FACE the toileteer (you) and roll TOWARDS you. I automatically roll the roll downwards, and if the roll is facing the wall, I end up spinning it and spinning it and spinning it, looking for the end of the roll. But if it’s directed towards you, you can roll the roll in one downward swipe and find the end in no time 🙂

Brush Teeth Before Bed – Just do it. It’s good for your mouth, gums, tongue, and overall breath. Plus, a freshly clean mouth is a happy one (at least it makes me happy). Even if I happen to be drunk that night, I need to brush my teeth, otherwise I feel dirty and want to die.

The Shower Sweep – I’ve mentioned this one earlier… From the post Mornings: “I start to softly kick some water to the back of the tub, with a side sweep of the foot. Why do I shuffle the water around like this before even showering? I want to make sure any lint from my socks that I tracked in, or loose hairs, are washed away. I like to think I’m standing in a clean tub before I can clean myself…”

Dusting…My Books – Swiffer is my best friend when it comes to dusting. Obvi. So not only do I dust my dresser, my desk, bookshelves, etc. but also my books! I need to take each book and dust them individually. Because dust does collect on books, too! Especially those uber thick Harry Potter ones! Once the books are removed, then I can do a thorough clean of the entire shelf 😀 Yes, it requires more work, but my books thank me for it 😛
I also dust my DVD collection, granted not as delicately though.

Spreads To The Edge – When I say spreads, I mean things like peanut butter, jams, nutella, honey, butter, cinnamon spread, etc. Whether it’s my toast, bagel, english muffin or my sandwich, I need to spread my PB&J right to the very edge of the crusts. And why not? I want every bite to be just a tasteful as the last!

Things Need Homes – Everything has a home. Why? So that way things don’t pile up and I don’t lose things. And if something isn’t in its designated home, I’ll have to recall where I put it OR it’s a sign my brother stole it 😛 If it’s a new item or a new trinket, I create a new home for it! I have designated areas within my desk for my loose papers of story ideas, my dictionaries, my music CDs, my picture frames, my “office-like” supplies (stapler, scissors, pens, erasers, you get it the idea), my iPod docking station, and all of my sentimental knickknacks. Oh yeah, I have a pretty epic desk. It’s like a three-tier, two drawer, and ten cubby-holed desk.

Trimming New Threads – Buying new clothes is fun! Finding multiple stray threads hanging all over the place is not. So if I find a certain brand is extra thready, I comb it over with my scissors, snipping away the excess.

Fingernails – I can only let my fingernails grow so long until I need to cut them. Otherwise I feel I might stab people with my nails and cut them open (like talons) 😛 Also, I somehow get even more dirt under them when they become longer. Bleh. Oh, and chewing your nails is bad. I don’t do it, and I have luscious nails. My brother chews, and his nails are stumpy stumps.

Organized And Beyond – I’m a really organized individual; all of my previous employers would agree. It allows for high-efficiency. Sure, I have my T-shirt drawer, and shorts drawer, and my pants drawer. But I also group all of my plaid shirts together in the closet, all of my hoodies together, all polos together, etc. It doesn’t stop there. What I think is the craziest is how organized I am digitally. How do I mean? Well, for example, all of my music is grouped by Artist, then by Album, and then by Song. And everything is spelt right, so there are no duplicate listings of artists on my iPod (like Pink vs. P!nk, or Lady GaGa vs. Lady Gaga. Yes, it makes a difference).
I also file my pictures by Family Events vs. Friend Outings vs. Concerts vs. Celebrity Crushes vs. Cat Pictures, etc. Then within those groups, my pictures are filed further into which specific event it was (ie. Olga’s Birthday Extravaganza), AS WELL AS the date it happened.
It makes me happy 🙂

Tea Towels and Hand Towels – If they are too wet, I need to replace them with a fresh one almost immediately. And if I spot someone using the tea towel in the kitchen to wipe a counter or use it for anything than its intended use as a “towel to dry my CLEAN wet hands” I’ll also change it. If I wash my hands (or dishes), I want a clean towel to dry my clean hands. Is that so hard?

Buying Pristine – When I want to buy a new book from Chapters, or a new TV series box set, or CD, I inspect the item quickly before I buy it. I do not want a giant scratch across the cover of my new book, nor do I want the corners of my box set smashed to crap. I was on a hunt for a particular book once and was elated when I found the one copy on the shelf. However, when I turned it over in my hands, the back cover had been creased and bent out of shape. I cursed under my breath and left it on the shelf. I then drove to another store that had the same book and bought that one. OCD.

I’m sure I have other quirks about me others have noticed, but these are the ones I’ve noticed that I do, and I’ve noticed that not everyone else might do them (like the toilet paper roll. I’m constantly fixing the rolls at work, dammit!).
But I don’t think I’m overly strict about these…oddities. I know when to kickback and relax. I know where the line is and I know when to let things go. It’s all about balance.

So, do you do any of these things? What do you do that’s…special?

I wish all of you and your OCD-ish ways a good week full of balance and self-discovery. 😛


4 thoughts on “OCD and Me. Kinda.

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  1. I think you forgot a few items here….

    1) how you eat your food
    2) how you MUST spread the peanut butter to all edges of the piece of bread
    3) milk bag tags and clippings

    There are so many more but I think I would get in trouble if I wrote them here 🙂
    As for the toilet paper roll, I agree with you 100% with that one. I actually put the roll the RIGHT way EVERYWHERE I use a washroom 🙂 Come on people get with the program!!!

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