It’s Official! I’ve Been Published!

Yes, I’ve made it into the newspapers! No, it’s not because I was streaking downtown!
It’s because The Brant Advocate was so generous to publish my article among so many other talented writers!

It was so amazing to see my writing – my work – officially printed in ink, on paper, and on the shelf for unsuspecting readers to come across. Some wandering eyes might actually read it! AND like it!?
I look forward to the day I get to see my first novel printed and in my hands! This is only the beginning I say! 😀

I want to thank my friends Paul and Steve for recommending me to Lucas in the first place, and for putting the little bug in my ear to submit for The Brant Advocate. And thank YOU, Lucas, for letting me be a part of this month’s issue. You made the little boy inside of me very happy!

If you don’t live in Brantford and can’t get this paper, don’t fret! Here’s the link:
It’s Okay To Be Gay

I hope people like it. 🙂
It’s funny, because when I went to pick up a copy (or six), Lucas’ wife told me jokingly that this might be the first time they’ve published the word “porn” within their paper. Oh great, I chuckled to myself, with my first article, I’ve already pushed some boundaries 😛 That wasn’t my intent, but then again, why sugarcoat things?
That’s what I think made writing for The Brant Advocate that much more enjoyable: I wasn’t afraid of censorship. I’d gladly write for them again, and look forward to it! Thank you for letting your writers be so free and open.

For those of you who looked up my website in the article, Welcome! I appreciate your visit, and I hope you take the time to browse around. It’s a hodge-podge of topics, because life in itself is very hodge-podgey. 😛 A good place to start might be the “Gay” link under “Sort It”… juustt over there >>> …lower yet ↓↓↓ …yup, right there 🙂

I hope you’ll come back and visit again! Who knows what I’ll have up here next! :O

Keep your mind open and enjoy your June! Peace out for now!


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