Time Goes By, So Quickly

“Madonna LIED!
Time does not go by so slowly!” a friend had stated.

And I completely agree with that statement.

Did you realize that it’s August already?! Moreover, that it’s almost September?! That’s more than half the year done, and I’m still getting past the fact that we’re in 2012! Where has the time gone?
Thanksgiving is approaching, followed by Halloween (always a fun time!), and then BAM it’s going to be Christmas all over again! I’m not complaining, I’m just making a general statement of how fast time seems to go when you get older.
Heck, my baby brother has now graduated high school and is planning on going to university in a few weeks! University! Already! He only just started grade 9 I thought!

Granted, some days seem to crawl by. You check the time, it’s 11:12AM and you’re itching to get done work. You busy yourself with a mini project, are proud of your success, and check the time again to see how much longer you have. And it’s only 11:19AM.
But then when you get home, you make dinner, or you watch a TV show, or you work on a house renovation, or you help your kids with homework, or you go out for dinner, or you play some video games, or whatever it is you do, the evening never seems long enough. Time crawls at work, and when your “free time” starts, it slips right through your fingers.
And then you wind up at work again, tapping the desk. You check the time and it’s only 11:12AM.

So if my time is gonna run away on me like that, I guess I should start using it wisely! Not that I don’t use it wisely already 😛
Sure I use Facebook, but I’ve cut back on using it a whole heck of a lot. Far too many people waste time on that site. I like to share pics and share moments of happiness, but I don’t post about every breath I take or how bored I am. And I don’t even touch Twitter. If I wanna just sit back and relax, I’ll pop in a movie or watch TV or play a video game.
In general, I think a lot of my time goes to visiting the people who matter to me, and I have no complaints about that! Seeing that it’s gonna be my birthday in a week’s time – signifying the passing of another year – it’s safe to say life is too short. I want to spend my time with the ones that matter to me, and share laughs, and create new memories. And you can’t create new memories by sitting on your ass in front of a screen talking about boredom.

I’m not sure where you might stand on this, but consider where your time goes. If you’re not happy with how things always escape you, why not make time for the things you want to do? You only have one life, and as I can see it, time isn’t gonna slow down for you anytime soon.
Although I say this to you, I need to take my own advice, too. Take charge and harness your time. Stop procrastinating on whatever it is you wanna accomplish, because to be frank, it won’t accomplish itself.

I wish you guys a great end of the summer (that is, if it doesn’t last ’til November), and good luck to those of you that are going back to school!
Peace out for now homies!


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