The End Is Near…Maybe…?!

At least, I sure hope not! It’s this Friday, folks! This Friday is the 21st… the day of the unknown!

Ever since my first post of 2012, I’ve been mentioning this fateful day! However, I wish there was some kind of forecast, like in the movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (with Steve Carell and Keira Knightley). They were at least told what to expect! Ps. Watch it! 🙂

As I said back in January, “…if ‘they’ really thought the world would blow up, I’d expect NASA to be building our space station a lot quicker to house the population of Earth. Then we could build robots and create our own version of BattleStar Galactica!”

All jokes aside, I personally think it’ll just be another regular day. Actually, I sure hope it’s another regular day!! Why?! Well, for starters, I am very much looking forward to sharing another Christmas with family, and I have plans to see my lovely boyfriend, and I want to ring in the New Year with him! Also, Friday is Payday!

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and saw this status: “If the world does end, and it’s right after I finish exams and go through all this stress, I’m gonna be PISSED!” (Here’s looking at you, Chelsea!)
I totally agree with her! Everyone at school writing exams would be doing it all for naught if we blew up… And everyone going through the stressful Christmas shopping experience would also be doing it all for naught if we blew up. So for the sake’s of our sanity, let’s hope we don’t blow up!

And, because I thought this was very fitting, please enjoy this little ditty:

Britney Spears – Till The World Ends

See, I told you it was fitting!! Unfortunately, Friday morning I work, so I won’t be able to go out dancing all night Thursday, but I will be dancing alone in my room! 😛

Shrimp Sashimi Pillow

For what it’s worth, I hope you all have a fantastic week! Hurry up and finish your Christmas shopping, because you never know what will happen!
Let the waiting game begin! I’ll be curious as to what will happen this Friday, but I sure won’t be waiting around in some bunker (for those who are, bring batteries and a radio, so you can be told to come out of hiding on Saturday). Instead, I’ll be snuggling my shrimp sashimi pillow, warm in my bed!





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