Here’s a list of all my 2013 posts, complete with a brief synopsis.
Top-most is most recent!
Happy reading!

HIV: Update Your Status – Learn the basics about HIV as it’s relevant to today. Do your part, spread the knowledge.

October Boaster Coaxer – Pretty much a lame attempt to revive the relevance of older posts that were really good and should be checked out, nudge, nudge, wink, wink! 😉

You Are Where I Belong – A brief sharing of life and love.

Spotlight: Anna Kendrick ☻ – Highlights of Anna Kendrick’s career thus far and some video clips to check out!

Remove the Taboo! – Let’s acknowledge the various sexual orientations and establish a sense of normalcy about it!

Leading Russia into the Dark Ages – Putin’s trying to pass an anti-gay law in Russia… How archaic?

New Stuff for the New Year – January was a month chockfull of new gadgets and experiences!

I’d Say 2012 Was Triumphant…! – My recap of 2012, printed in The Brant Advocate!

Starting The New Year Right – My first post of the year, dedicated to my love! ❤


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