New Stuff for the New Year

January is gone, already! I don’t know about you, but it’s truly been a month of brand new stuff for me; some negative, but most positive!

Where to start?

Well, how about the fact that my relationship with this amazing guy (we’ll call him Teddy) is budding into something absolutely wonderful and heartfelt. My words cannot begin to describe the joy I feel about him and how he’s affected my life so far! He’s the definition of steadfast, nurturing, understanding, trustworthy, attractive… Okay I’ll stop bragging 😛 I’m just a very lucky man!

In early January, I got a new laptop! Originally it was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it didn’t arrive in the mail in time. It’s a sleek Lenovo, complete with nice new buttons and a built-in webcam for Skype times with Teddy 🙂

Medically, my teeth got a fresh clean, and I learned that for once I was cavity-free and my gums were doing great. 😛 As for my eyes, I got a new prescription and ordered myself a new pair of glasses!! I usually go for square-ish type lenses that frame the eyes, but this time I was encouraged to try a totally different style. So with the help of Teddy, we picked a standout, black frame that has a larger, swooping lens. We’re classifying it as “geeky chic”… and a co-worker pointed out I looked like Where’s Waldo. So there’s a visual for ya!

Also, I had the unfortunate luck of catching strep throat mid-January… And a very resilient form to boot! I’ve never had strep before, and lemme tell you, it’s a damn nightmare. The pain is constant, and swallowing any form of liquid or food is absolutely dreadful. Teddy took care of me like a pro; he made me homemade soup, bought me lozenges and pain killers, brought me to the hospital to get penicillin, and held me through the night. Unfortunately I had to go back home and continue taking care of myself on my own.
After 10 days of penicillin, I still had the strep. I got some cephalexin, and after 7 days, I felt much better. However, neither medication totally annihilated the strep, so I still have it. The pain is mainly gone, but I sure hope the throat specialist can fix the dang thing.

Another new experience I had (before the strep) at the beginning of January, was my first car crash.
I’m good, I’m safe, and so is the other party. And no, it was not my fault. This is what happened: a car was at an intersection, waiting at a stop sign for the coast to be clear, in order to cross the intersection. I was travelling the intersecting road, with three other cars alongside me. We had a green light. For some reason, dude thought he was clear, and bolted for it. He managed to cross three lanes of traffic, only to have me peg him in the fourth lane. The van beside was slowing down, but I didn’t know why, until dude was in front of me!!! I slammed the brakes, but I clipped his bumper, sending him into a 360, and me to a stop by the traffic pole.
My airbags went off, and the inside of the car started to smoke (due to the airbags I found out later), and my windshield was all cracked. A bystander called the cops for us, and all our witnesses drove off. I recalled my story to the cops, and dude got charged for what I’m assuming was reckless driving or something. The fact he even thought he could clear the intersection with oncoming cars in BOTH lanes was retarded.

Here’s some pics of my banged up car, which got written off:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that Cavalier was a 1997, no power gadgets of any sort, and 2 door. I got a rental for a week (a fun little Yaris!) and me and my Dad went on an adventure looking for cars, test driving, and quizzing dealers about car histories and pricing. After visiting various cities, and speaking with many people, I finally found a car that fit the bill. Affordable, an upgrade from the Cavalier, relatively new, and low KM’s.
I came out with a 2007 Saturn Ion, with complete power gadgets, and 4 door! Awesome or what?! Only downfall is I now have another loan with the bank to pay off, but it’s all good!
Here’s a sneak peek at the new guy:

All in all, I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I love and cherish, I got a new laptop, I got new specs, I got new antibodies (sorta), and I got a new vehicle!
Here’s hoping February is a little more tame, and consists of simply cuddling my Teddy 😉
Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you guys a great Feb!


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