My Favourite Paper Route

Summer jobs are scarce. So sometimes you gotta take a paper route as a kid. Thank god I never did, lol!

The closest thing I ever got to a paper route was this band, Paper Route 😛

I’ve read on multiple threads and different areas on the Inter-Webs that people first heard of Paper Route via Paramore concerts. I think that’s pretty awesome, because I did too! In fact, it was my first concert ever to see Paramore, and the opening bands were Paper Route and Jack’s Mannequin.

I got my ears on some of PR’s stuff, and they released their latest album – The Peace of Wild Things – last September, 2012. Ugh, I’m in love with it!
They are labelled as an indie band, and I find in this newest album they’ve learned to orchestrate their array of instruments much more fluently. Musically, the songs are superb. Lyrically, the songs can often strike a chord or leave you wanting more; but in a good way! Vocally, there’s something about his voice that gets me every time. I loves it; it’s simply music to my ears!!!

Granted, they have next to nothing for music videos, but I must share some sounds bites for you to taste 🙂

Paper Route – Better Life

This next clip has a series of pictures that play on a loop; they aren’t related to the song specifically, but they are the band members. 🙂 The provider has posted practically all of the album’s songs with the same picture reel. I prod you to check out the other songs, too, even from their older albums and EPs!

Paper Route – Sugar

Hopefully you enjoy them!


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