Spotlight: Anna Kendrick ☻

Anna Kendrick
Soon to be 28!

If you haven’t heard of Anna Kendrick by now, you are sorely missing out. In fact, I’m watching Pitch Perfect as I write this! It’s a must-see movie bursting with comical entertainment and laced with clever musical performances.
Yup, that’s right, musical! Anna ain’t just a pretty face, she’s got a voice I bet you never knew about.

I can’t speak for you, but I personally recognized her energetic talent when she played as character Jessica in the Twilight series. She’s the gossipy chatterbox that befriends Bella, and in my opinion, out shines Bella by miles. Oh, and yes, I’m presently admitting I watched the Twilight series… 😛

But back to the music part. I bet you didn’t know Anna has been on Broadway before? And, she was only 12 when she landed that role! AND, she was nominated for a Tony Award for that role! What role, you ask? She played Dinah in High Society. Absorb that for a moment; she was only 12 and nominated for a Tony… it’s only the biggest award recognition for Broadway stars, equivalent to Oscars for actors. So yup, she’s done other musical endeavors prior to the hit of Pitch Perfect and her spin-off single called Cups (When I’m Gone).

Anna doesn’t stop at Tony’s. Oh, no. Ms. Kendrick makes an international breakthrough in Up in the Air by getting herself nominated for Best Supporting Actress by the Academy Awards. Although she didn’t claim the prize, she was in the same category as co-star Vera Farmiga, and actresses Penélope Cruz and Maggie Gyllenhaal. That’s pretty awesome.

Interlude: My Teddy wants me to notify you all that although Up in the Air was a well produced movie with superbly excellent actors, the actual storyline was horribly depressing (I’m paraphrasing him). I thought it was great, albeit, brutally honest. Anna’s performance definitely isn’t one to be missed here.

Another stellar portrayal from Anna that deserves honorable mention is in What to Expect When You’re Expecting. As the title suggests, it’s about a group of various women and their trials through pregnancy (along with their respective beaus). I won’t spoil any plot points, but having Anna in that cast makes it that much more special. I know I keep bragging about these movies, but seriously, they are worth watching for yourself!

Ms. Kendrick can also be seen in 50/50, played Scott Pilgrim’s sister, been the wife of Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch (jealous), contributed her voice for ParaNorman, and more. In fact, she has approximately seven+ movies planned for the next two years. I’m excited to watch her film career continue to grow. She’s a starlet to be marvelled in any cast! 🙂

Now, time for some extra tidbits of entertainment! Below is Anna’s revamped song Cups (When I’m Gone). The song was originally performed in a capella as her character’s audition piece in Pitch Perfect. However, the popularity of learning this cup-music-making-technique was too much to bear, so there’s since been extended versions of the song created. And here’s an official music video they came up with:

Cups – Anna Kendrick

Oh, but Anna’s prowess doesn’t stop there! She’s even ventured into….K-Pop!!!
Check it out (it’s for funnies)!

Anna Kendrick Goes K-Pop with f(x)

Unfortunately I’m unable to embed the video for ease of viewing, but it’s definitely worth the click! Check out her Korean skills!

What can I say? Anna Kendrick has definitely made my list of favourite actresses in such a short span.
Here’s to Anna! 건배!


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