You Are Where I Belong

Autumn approaches. I can tell by the radiant trees along the highway, all in various stages of their shedding. Seeing all the bright yellows, the rusty oranges, the robust reds, and every shade in between tells me the season is changing. Change is always occurring; I try to make the best of it when I can.

Driving in my car, I have plenty of time to think to myself and notice the beauty of the trees. I’ll be spending more time on the road now, travelling towards a beauty of my own. You see, this changing season has also brought a change of life.

About this time a year ago, I was a single man living day-to-day, hoping for love. As luck would have it, I met someone wonderful by fluke and we developed a budding relationship. He lived hours away from me, prohibiting an ease of access. So as time went by, a decision was made to move in with him, leaving behind my ways to start anew. Our relationship grew, and I was so happy to be sharing our lives together. It was my first shared apartment, my first time leaving my hometown for a man, my first time exploring a new city. We thrived and loved each other as best we could.

As the first hints of this autumn began, talks of heading back to our former homes also began. No, not because of any malady or broken promises. In fact, he was offered up a better position and better wage back in his old hometown. Why would we say no?

Before long, we have both returned to our respective parents’ homes. Although the distance is not as far as it once was, we no longer live in the same apartment nor the same city. Being accustomed to kissing this man’s precious lips every night before bed, and starting my day with his sweet face is a luxury I eagerly await to attain once more. Hence the extended time spent in my vehicle to see him as much as I can. Being in his presence is what gives me meaning and joy.

Driving in my car, I also have plenty of time to listen to music. There are many that ring true, but this one has struck a cord. Maybe I’m a softie, maybe I miss him, or maybe I just know he’s the world to me. Either way, this song makes me tear up.

Have a listen:

Sugar – Paper Route

I’m unsure where this particular season will take us, but know this babe: You are where I belong. ♥♥♥ Always.


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