October Boaster Coaxer

Happy October, everyone! I guess this means summer is officially over, and Halloween season is upon us! Along with piles of pumpkin pie!
Whether you’re a frequent visitor or first time viewer, I welcome you to the blog of champions!
And if you came to check things out after reading The Brant Advocate, I especially welcome you and thank you for taking the time to do so!

So what is Schnipp Its? Simply put, it’s a hodge-podge collection of different snips from the randomness of life (see the resemblance? Schnipp…snip…?)!

Perhaps you were looking for something fun? Check out: Celeb Look-A-Likes!

Or maybe something appalling?: Leading Russia into the Dark Ages or Bigots, Go Home!

Need to hand out some advice?: The Golden Rules of Ann Landers and Advice For My Un-Adopted Children

Or perhaps you want to reminisce with me about video games: The Good Ole Video Game Days!

I’ve shared a bit of my quirky side, too. So, yes, I’m weird just like you: OCD and Me. Kinda. and Word Time!

If you weren’t referred by The Brant Advocate, but interested in a gander, check it: Mein Bagg

Hope you enjoy browsing around! There’s more to it than just the few I’ve listed, including a slew of musical suggestions just to spice up your earbuds!

Take care for now munchkins! 😀


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