Treat or Trick, Aqualicious Style

Happy Halloween Folks!

I thought this particular musical selection would cleverly fit the mood!
It’s a little bit of trick, a little bit of treat, and a whole lot of old time memories from your younger years (to be reminiscent of dressing up and rounding up candy)!

Let’s start with the Treat first from the Candyman himself: Lollipops!

Aqua – Lollipop (Candyman)

How does this tie in with Halloween you ask? Well, you see, the same character – Candyman – comes back on Aqua’s next album… But it’s all a Trick!!!
He’s gone evil… but why?! He was so happy with the lollipops only moments ago…

Sadly, Aqua never made an official music video for what I picture as a re-enactment of Scream. However, there are many fan-made videos to go along with the music track. So rather than read a lyric video, I’m sharing one of the fan-made vids that I liked the best!

For what it’s worth, I think they did it quite well and cheesy, just how Aqua would’ve liked it!

Aqua – Halloween Fan Vid

Excellent, no?!
Have fun being creative this Halloween! And remember, Aqua will always make you feel old. Muahahaha!


Share your thoughts! :)

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