Here’s a list of all my 2014 posts, complete with a brief synopsis.
Top-most is most recent!
Read it like a boss!

A New “Project” for 2015! – A New Year is nearly upon us, and I have a New Goal! Travel through the pages of The Happiness Project!

World AIDS Day 2014! – December 1st is a day to get educated about HIV/AIDS and honour how far we’ve come in this fight.

Our Slice of Paradise ~ Dominicana! – Teddy and I went to the Dominican, and here’s some pictures of our fabulous resort!!

Family Road Trippin’ ~ Michi Style – Some pics from our road trip through Michigan and West Ontario, enjoy!

July Guy, I Spy! – A poem dedicated to all the topless hotties.

Dabbling with Digital Dating – Been there, dated, found a winner! Now here’s some advice to make your experience just as enjoyable!

Bigots, Go Home! – Sharing the note I got from a religious nut in regards to my sinful, gay “lifestyle.” My response is included 🙂

Juicing Fast… Will It Last? – Our experiment on juicing! Om nom nom!

Carpe Diem, Guys, Carpe Diem – Here’s a smaller, but more motivational piece. Tiny, but packs a punch!

Is Russia the Future Panem? – This piece touches on some of the injustices taking place within Russia and speculations on the safety of our Olympians during the Games for 2014.

Spotlight: Miranda Hart – A show you need to watch this year: Miranda. If you’ve already seen it, it’s time to re-watch it!

Resolution Time! – I couldn’t resist making a list! I love lists… Need… more… lists!


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