Resolution Time!

I didn’t realize this until New Year’s Eve, but all I ever wanted from 2013 was to be a Beer Pong Champion. And guess what? Becca and I won our match like a couple of bosses, and maintained the title of Undefeated Beer Pong Champions. Yes, I have a trophy. No, you can’t see it.

So with that goal achieved, I now need some new ones for 2014, naturally!
Here goes… Oh, and these are listed in no particular order of importance, but as they come to mind.

  1. To go to the gym at least three times this year, after all, I’m paying for it and should at least get some use out of it!
  2. Encourage Ms. Anne to get Instagram.
  3. I’d say do some writing, but then, what is this you’re reading? Check that one off!
  4. Don’t start smoking. Quitting is overrated, so I’m going with “don’t start.”
  5. Go to Dominican Republic for my Teddy’s birthday – I’ve been told this is not a resolution, but a plan. Meh.
  6. Be nicer… At least try to be nicer… Unfortunately, I have no guarantee I’ll be any nicer, but it’s the thought that counts, right?
  7. Make Ms. Anne get Instagram. She’ll like it, dammit! 😛
  8. Eat more cooked broccoli. I rather enjoy it.
  9. Read at least one novel a year. Trying to read four is too hard.
  10. Invest more hours in virtual, intangible, video game worlds. It’ll pay off, I know it.
  11. Kiss Teddy more often. 🙂
  12. And lastly, continue being awesome!

Everyone’s goal should always be awesomeness! On that note, I hope y’all have an awesome start to the 2014, and you’ll hear from me soon, I can guarantee that much!


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