Spotlight: Miranda Hart

Miranda HartIf you’re looking for something to make you laugh, or even smile, look no further! Miranda Hart has got you covered!

This British gal has written her own show that’s one-of-a-kind and downright hilarious. It’s simply called Miranda, as it’s a semi-autobiographical comedy revolving around the daily shenanigans of her life. The show has won plenty of awards, most coming from the British Comedy Awards, and rightly so! I’ll let you decide for yourself how funny this sitcom is in just a moment.

As an actress, Miranda has been in a variety of different roles on many shows, and is currently a staple character in the British drama Call the Midwife. Because of her current role, and other career opportunities, future seasons of her Miranda show will be postponed until a later date. There’s rumour that we’ll see new content in 2015, but for now we must settle for the first three series!

I’ve posted some clips below of scenes I personally enjoyed, and hope you do too! If you like what you see here, you’ve gotta get your hands on the rest of the series! It won’t be a let down!

This clip here we have Gary asking Miranda out on a date…

Introducing, Miranda’s mum! Such fun!

Miranda owns a Joke Shop with her best friend, Stevie… You’ll notice Miranda never does any work ever.

Stevie and Miranda argue who’s the funner friend:

Gary proving his Alpha Male-ness:

Once you start watching, you’ll be quoting each character’s quirks in no time! Singing “What have you done today to make you feeeel prouUud?!” Testing out words with interesting sounds, like “Plinth,” or “Thrust.”  Enjoying Miranda’s side rants to you, the viewer, also known as breaking the fourth wall.
Whatever happens, this show will change your life 😉

Such fun!


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