Juicing Fast… Will It Last?

Fuchsia: Beet, carrot, orange, apple, lemon Green: Celery, apple, ginger, spinach, orange, lemon Orange: Carrot, peach, basil, lemon Our Juicer option
Top left Fuchsia: Beet, carrot, orange, apple, lemon
Top right Green: Celery, apple, ginger, spinach, orange, lemon
Bottom left Orange: Carrot, peach, basil, lemon
Bottom right our Juicer option

Teddy and I began the juicing-fast experiment on Saturday! So that pretty much means we’re not eating any food – hence the fasting – and only drinking juice as meal substitutes. But the juice isn’t your average store bought juice. Oh, no! By using a juicer, we need to take all sorts of fruits and vegetables and turn them into liquid nutrients. The nutritional value within one drink, depending on what it is you’re juicing, is quite exceptional!

Where did this juicing-fast idea come from? Well, a documentary of course! Teddy put it on sometime last week and we both started watching it, impressed with the results of the people participating. It’s called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. Very interesting to watch, and when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense about how unhealthy our modern diets are. Replacing all the garbage we eat with a 100% consumption of fruits and vegetables instead makes for multitudes of healthy changes in your body, mind, and life.

Naturally, we wanted to do it! We started to research about juicers and what ones were good, what ones had horrible ratings, and what ones were affordable. Because we don’t live together just yet, we’d need to buy two juicers… After doing some research and going to about six different places to find who sold what brands, and who had the best prices, we settled on the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor from Best Buy for only $77.99. To some, that price may sound steep, but if you actually look at the cost of high-end juicers…you’re looking at $200 to $500 easy! So $80 is much easier to swallow.

Most of Saturday we spent time trying out different recipes from Juice Recipes and learning what items we want less of, and which we want more of. Obviously we got Teddy’s parents to try some of our concoctions and they were surprised at how good these juiced veggies and fruits actually tasted! We did learn though that ginger root needs to be used in small portions as the flavour is overpowering, and our carrots are a LOT bigger than the recipes called for, so we had to tone it down… What can we say? Our carrots are big here in Canada! 😉

Side effects to just juicing? Oh yes… We started juicing midday Saturday and were excited to start this 7-day fast. By Saturday evening we could feel our stomachs gurgling, either from hunger or maybe from the sheer concentrated nutrients of the juices, we couldn’t decide. Not that it needs to be said, but I became quite gaseous. Teddy quickly learned that he wasn’t a fan of the raw celery, beets or excess carrots. All in all, we were still eager to continue the juicing-fast and were already planning how we would incorporate prep time each night, clean up time of the machine, and bottling for future meals during the work week.

Sunday morning rolled around and I was up, wide-eyed and brain racing by 9:30am (that’s early for us on a Sunday, we generally sleep in). Teddy, on the other hand, was groggy and stayed sleeping until about 11am. I had some leftover juice from the previous night to tide me over, but once he got up, we tried out even more new recipes.

As the day progressed, Teddy was feeling the fatigue, becoming drained and sluggish. We did know that this would most likely happen, as many people in the documentary experienced this. The first couple days were always the worst because your body was essentially in shock and you had to adjust. To be honest, I too became tired. You know that bitter feeling you revert to when you’re hungry and you become snappy? Well, as time ticked by, I became more of a sourpuss, whereas Teddy became more quiet and less chipper. I chalk his silence up to: “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say anything at all.”

All throughout the day, though, a lot of our thoughts revolved around food. I was hankering for the randomest stuff, like my morning cereal, or egg salad sandwiches on flatbread. By around 5pm, Teddy and I found ourselves sitting on the couch leaning on each other, unable to decide what we wanted to do. There wasn’t much drive to do anything as we were tired and also felt blah. We started talking about eating food… I wanted a chicken burger from Wendy’s and he wanted fried chicken… But we agreed if we wanted to eat something, it shouldn’t be over the top unhealthy, because then that would defeat the whole purpose of juicing. After the 7-day fast we were going to introduce food – mainly for dinner – while substituting meals like breakfast and/or lunch with juices to keep up with the healthy regime.

Sushi, sashimi, eggplant, tempura
Sushi, sashimi, eggplant, tempura

Well all we can say is, we tried to do the juicing-fast, and it’s hard! However, we lasted on nutritious juice alone for 30 hours…and then we caved. Not for fried chicken, but sushi!

Oh, how delicious it was to eat!
And, after eating, we could feel the energy flowing and felt more focused. Compared to earlier in the day, now we seemed much more chatty and laughed easily after having some food in our bellies.

In the end, we are going to continue to juice on a regular basis, replacing breakfast and/or lunch with our super cocktails and eating normal meals for dinner. There might even be those days we don’t feel hungry or don’t want to cook and decide to juice for dinner, too! Perhaps later down the road we’ll try the 7-day juicing-fast again once we’ve become better pros, but for now we’re content with the juice-food ratio. 🙂

I do encourage you to check out the documentary! It’s on Netflix!
Best of luck if you try the juicing-fast yourself, cheers!


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