You’ll Forever Be Ke$ha!

At some point in your life you’ve wanted to just let loose and dance your face off, right? Maybe be a little trashy and just don’t care? Well, that’s Ke$ha, like, all the time!

Ke$ha CollageShe’s recently changed her stylized name – Ke$ha – back to her birth name Kesha (both of which are pronounced Keh-sha), but I don’t care, I’ll forever write her name with a dollar sign!

Teddy and I saw her in concert at Caesar’s Windsor and had an absolute blast! The pics above are some of the photos I took of the fabulous entertainer! If you’ve seen any of her music videos, you know how creatively messed up they can be! She definitely incorporates her crazy style into her concerts, complete with sabretooth-headed men, dancing eyeballs, trans strippers, inflatable objects, and so much more! Definitely a performer in her own right.

You’ve heard of TiK ToK, right? That’s Ke$ha! She’s been involved in every single song she’s written for herself and has even wrote songs for other popular stars. Who, you ask?! Ke$ha wrote the song Till the World Ends for Miss Britney Spears (which can be seen here), she wrote This Love for The Veronicas, she’s written for Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly), and Charlee too! I’m sure there’s some more songs out there that Ke$ha originated, but I bet you didn’t know how talented she actually was, hidden behind her party trash frontier?

I really wanted to showcase one of her latest hits, Warrior, but she hasn’t made a music video for it yet! So instead, I’ve picked these couple of dandies:

Crazy Kids – Ke$ha

This next one is a bit older, but definitely a good way to portray her style of… weird! 🙂

Blow – Ke$ha

See what I mean? Love the unicorns, the rainbow gunfight, and of course, James Van Der Beek!
Her other videos are just as eccentric; C’mon is full of cats and animal costumes whereas Die Young is rather occult like, with pentagrams, sacrificial suggestions, and sexual rituals. Why not, right?

And, just because I really wanted you guys to at least hear the tune, here’s Warrior:

You gotta admit, the beats are sick and her style is unique! Check her out on iTunes and snatch up her albums! She’s currently working on her third studio release, so get caught up 😉

Chow for now, fellow misfits!


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