Spryly Kylie, the Australian Goddess

kylieKylie Minogue: a staple to a gay man’s life, such as mine!

I first heard of this Australian beauty back when I was thirteen – here’s where some of you might cringe at my age – when her big hits Can’t Get You Out of My Head and Love at First Sight were blowing up. I absolutely loved those songs and enjoy the music she’s created since then!

If you haven’t already, a good album to check out on iTunes would be Aphrodite; practically every song on there is superb! She knows how to deliver a beat that makes you wanting more.
Here’s a sampling:
“What’s the point of worrying about being cool?
When there’s a million things to learn they never teach you at school

What’s the point of livin’ if you don’t take a chance?

What’s the point of livin’ if you don’t wanna dance?”

Better Than Today – Kylie Minogue

This next song was not released on an album, however, it’s still a must for your media library! It was created to commemorate Kylie’s involvement in the music industry for the past 25 years!


Timebomb – Kylie Minogue

And finally, I’ll leave a taste of her latest album Kiss Me Once:

Into The Blue – Kylie Minogue

Ugh, there’s so many other amazing songs of hers, but alas, they are without music videos!
What’s a fave Kylie ditty you like?


7 thoughts on “Spryly Kylie, the Australian Goddess

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  1. Here’s a cringe, I loved her version of Locomotion. Miss Kylie is def a mainstay. She keeps her talent forefront and gimmicky hoopla at the door.

  2. I’m going to see her for the third time in a few months. I must say a lot of my faves are older stuff like Word is out and Got to be certain. Although Light Years and Fever (especially the title track) were the staple of my gay clubbing days. Oh, and Confide in me. And of course Wild Roses. Got to be one of the weirdest and greatest duets of all time. I think you and I could probably chat music for hours.

    1. What, THIRD TIME!?!? I have yet to see her a first time! Totes jealous!
      I love her Fever album! I must investigate these older songs you speak of; thanks for sharing!!
      Yes, I enjoy these musical discussions haha; I’m always open to adding more to my library of tunes.

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