Our Slice of Paradise ~ Dominicana!

Hey guys!!
Snow is starting to fall from the sky and I know winter will be rearing its ugly head soon. How? My house is an ice castle. Some people I live with refuse to up the heat… so I gotta pull out the extra blankets. *sigh*

In light of this, I needed to feel warm again and share some pictures from our recent holiday to Dominican Republic!!!
We went to the Catalonia Royal Bavaro in Punta Cana, facing the Atlantic Ocean 🙂
The fun thing about the resort was that it was like a two in one deal. There was the family side and then there was the adults-only side. Obviously, we opted for the adult-only side to avoid screaming, crying children. However, our gold wristbands granted us the ability to go wherever we wanted to on their property, including the family side. The only reason we would venture to the family side was for a different variety of restaurants, the theatre, and their beach was larger. We soon discovered that the service and food was much more exceptional on our adult-only side vs the family side. So worth it!

Alright, enough with the chit-chat, on to the pictures, complete with commentary! Click any photo and a slideshow will pop up which you can scroll through.


4 thoughts on “Our Slice of Paradise ~ Dominicana!

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  1. Petition for all holiday destinations to have a family vs. adult section. The resort looks amazing! One of these days, I’ll need to visit some place where the average temperature exceeds 10°C (or, alternatively, stop holidaying in winter!).

  2. Ahh, cute couple alert. Your holiday looks idilic. Sorry it took me so long to check these out (despite your oh so subtle hints😄) I so need a holiday. Got a few in the planning stages.

    We should catch up soon.

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