Here’s a list of all my 2015 posts, complete with a brief synopsis.
Top post is most recent!
This year I decided to do something different – to share with you my journey through the book The Happiness Project written by Gretchen Rubin. Among the mix I’m sure you’ll find my usual ramblings as well 😛

HIV Awareness! – December 1st is a day to get educated and know the truth about HIV and AIDS 🙂

Busy Bee; That’s Me! – Going back to school was more difficult than I imagined!

August: Eternity – Realizing you won’t live forever may in fact allow you to embrace and enjoy life to the fullest!

July Happiness Results! – Guiltlessly spending money isn’t a strong suit of mine. Money is tough.

July: Money – What kind of shopper are you? How can you use your money to help your well-being and happiness?

June: Friendship – A belated post on June’s month of friendship! Revive some old friendships!

Anime North 2015 – I’ve shared some pictures of all the people dressed up for the convention! Check it out 🙂

May Happiness Results! – Such a great month of kicking back and reevaluating how I have fun!

Teddy Wrote A Book! – My amazing boyfriend gots his book published, link on paper and ink and stuff!

May: Leisure – It’s time to get serious about play! Put your fun pants on and go be silly again!

April Happiness Results! – April got me thinking about how swiftly time is passing by, so it’s best to enjoy your life. Let go of the negative.

Broadway in 2010 – My trip down memory lane, revisiting all the wonderful Broadway shows I was able to see 🙂

April: Lighten Up – The four goals of April have been revealed! It’s time to lighten up and make your home a happy haven!

March Happiness Results! – These got me thinking about what I really want in my future, and how I’m discontent with my current job.

March: Aim Higher – The five goals of March have been revealed! Embrace failure, ask for help, manage your time, all while aiming to enjoy the now.

February Happiness Results! – These attitude-conscious goals of limiting negativity while spreading love were easier said than done!

February: Remember Love – The five goals of February have been revealed! Teddy will be happy to know that I plan on limiting my nagging, complaining, and giving him more hugs!

January Happiness Results! – How did I fair with my goals of restoration and organization? Find out here!

January: Vitality – Alongside a brief introduction, the five goals of January have been revealed! Methods to boost energy and restore order in the home.


Share your thoughts! :)

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