January Happiness Results!

Holy Toledo! January flew by – making me realize how I want to manage my time better!
Alright, that means I’m going to reluctantly report my results of the first month of The Happiness Project. I’ll tell ya right now, some areas I did a lot better than others 😛

January’s focus: Vitality/Boosting Energy

January - Now that's what I call inspiration!
January – Now that’s what I call inspiration!

“Go To Sleep Earlier” – I wanted to go to bed one hour earlier, and get up when I should be getting up instead of “snoozing.” How did that go for me, you ask? Well, I sure had trouble going to bed one hour earlier! There’s just so much I want to accomplish and fit into my day, so getting to bed earlier didn’t exactly work out. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up! Habitual routines are hard to change, and getting to bed earlier has proven to be one of those for me. I’ll be carrying this out for February as well.
However – I’ve been much better with getting up in the mornings. If you remember me saying, I’d fumble with my alarm, hitting Snooze perhaps four or five times, only to get up an hour later than when I intended. I’ve been more diligent and find I’m able to get more done in the morning when I actually get up on time! Weird concept, eh? Allowing more time for my mornings means less rushing around and feeling anxious. It definitely helps!

“Exercise Better” – My goal was to try my hand at 20 minute workouts, 3 days per week to start.
Before I delve into my turnout, I want to say I’m so happy my bestie, Ms. Anne, also took this challenge! She decided to mend it to fit her style better, which was to be active and exercise for at least 10 minutes a day, every day. A few days into this new routine, she noticed her abs were a bit sore without having to do millions of sit-ups at a time. It was working for her!
Now, for me, I utterly failed. Deciding to workout 3 days a week set myself up for disaster. Each week would go by, and I’d be like, “Oh, there’s six days left in the week for me to workout.” Then, “Oh there’s still four days left…” Then, “Oh I guess the week is over, next week I’ll get it!”
When the habit wasn’t steady – like my pre-bed routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, applying anti-acne formulae – I didn’t make the effort to carve out the time. Whereas with Ms. Anne, she made time every day after she got home from work to exercise. Doing small amounts every day was more manageable than bigger chunks on random days.
And so, I shall try to figure out the best time for me to workout 10-15 minutes everyday during February!

Great place to keep my necklaces, bracelets, and rings
Great place to keep my necklaces and such.

“Toss, Restore, Organize” – This simply gave me the excuse to clean out my closet and some drawers, again! I’m naturally not a hoarder – I keep my life rather organized and purge myself of useless things.
I managed to clean out my closet, and find some clothes I no longer wore. I set those items aside to give away and tossed out some random junk I had been keeping. After reorganizing my shelves in a way that made more sense to me, I tidied the top of my dresser. Then, I opened my top drawer. Honestly, I have many pairs of underwear and socks. So much so, they can no longer live in the same drawer. So I purchased a blue, square bin made of fabric to throw all my socks into, leaving my undies to conquer my top drawer. A rainbow of underwear!
I also bought this necklace tree you see pictured. >.< I was tired of having my necklaces balled up and tangled. I think it worked out nice! Another purchase I made was on a storage cube for CDs. I thought it would be a great place to file my – nerd alert! – anime shows, but I’m not a fan of the cube. Turns out it’s much more bulky than I anticipated and takes up far too much room. Alas…
I would still like to clean my desk drawers – they have a knack for collecting things – go through my Christmas receipts, and find out what’s living under my bed! All in all, it was a nice refresh button 🙂 Knowing that your habitat is in order can be calming and actually a relief. It’s not a constant nag or source of grief when you look at it.

“Tackle A Nagging Task” – I made a list of nagging tasks!Nagging Jan
Everyone has different things they need to conquer – this list just happens to be what I needed to get done in January. And it’s all I could come up with on the spot. But really, this portion was the most enjoyable. It helped give me a checklist to tackle and work on all month.
I went in and got my photo taken for my new Health Card, because in Ontario we used to have red and white cards without our pictures on them. Then I went to see the dentist. Luckily, I had no cavities so a return visit was not required any time soon! Thank god.
Next, I have a need to keep all my digital files in a certain order. Just as I keep my physical world organized, my digital world is hyper organized. I simply touched up my music section, and then backed up all my files to my external hard drive. Many precious photos and tons of music files I would not want to lose!
And yes, I needed to sew on a button to my shorts. Those shorts had been sitting there for about…five months. It was time to sew that damn button on!
My last, and most daunting item, was to finish the plot outline of my novel. I’ve reconstructed this particular tale so many times, I wanted to hammer it out and finalize my plot points. Although it did not get completed, it did get me into writing, researching, and thinking about my story more often. I’ve developed a lot more aspects that I would have otherwise put off.
I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise and wouldn’t mind repeating it again a few times this year! Try it!

“Act More Energetic” – This phrase is easier said than done. I had a difficult time applying this technique. However, it kept me more aware of my state. I even identified a few times when I was being irrationally angry. I would calm myself down by breathing in deeply, and exhaling slowly over the count of ten. By focusing on my breathing, I was able to relax and clear my head before I bit someone’s head off.
Not exactly what this mantra meant, but at least it made me more aware of my emotional state.

Overall, I think I did alright, but I wanted to do better! 😛 Whatever February has in store will be coupled with my desire to get more sleep and exercise a little every day.
Even though I’m a perfectionist, I’m happy with how my first month of the year turned out. Looking forward to the next batch of goals.

I’d like to hear your thoughts – and if you participated – how you found it affected you! Don’t be shy!


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