Ice, Ice Baby

Winter here in Canada is bitterly cold this month! So why not continue the themeLights while sharing with you the electronic beats of Canadian artist Lights! Did you know she was born in Timmins? I know a few gems from there 😉

Whenever I’m in the mood for some synthpop, Lights is always on my playlist – actually, she’s a staple to any playlist! Although I have many favourites from her, I thought it’d be fun to post only her iciest 😛

True Story:
The year I attended York University in Toronto, I went to the Hard Rock Cafe by Dundas Square for some food. Of course it was during the winter, and as we stepped out of the restaurant I recognized this short girl with super long black hair. She was walking directly towards us.
“Oh my god, it’s Lights!” I squealed, looking away sheepishly, embarrassed of my blatant outburst.
She heard me and looked taken aback, but quickly smiled at us in return. I tried to melt away as she continued into the restaurant with her people.
That’s my official awkward exchange with this bombshell. >

Anyway, onward to the music videos, full of fun! Take a look:

February Air – Lights

Ice – Lights

Siberia – Lights

Fur serious, check out her other stuff on iTunes! Totally worth it 🙂
Chow for now! xoxo


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