February Happiness Results!

February, the shortest month of the year, flew by extra fast, right?! Right?!
Well, here’s what I discovered through February’s goals from The Happiness Project. This month was not heavy on list-making nor quantifiable goals, so really, it was hard to assess my “success.” Plus, I’m biased because it’s about me in my relationship with Teddy.

February’s focus: Remember LoveI Want To

“Quit Nagging” and “No Dumping”Both of these two made me realize how negative I can be sometimes and how I want to focus on removing that negativity. Teddy mentioned that I didn’t nag him that much this month, however, I seemed to have substituted my nags for “dumping,” which really means overtly downloading on him with negative complaints. Granted, I tended to only do that when I got stuck in a rut and was highly agitated. So, what that means is, I need to work on what I say when I’m annoyed! It’s something merely one month can’t fix it’ll be a work in progress for sure!

“Fight Right” – This was easy peezy. Teddy and I already fight right, really. I don’t call him names, nor do I rehash old arguments that were set to rest long ago. Sure we can be mad at each other for a time, but I think for the most part when we disagree on things, we find a resolution or common ground before long. I know too many couples that don’t fight right, and I’ve made a conscious effort to never be like those couples. The goal is to solve a disagreement, not make your partner feel like shit and alienate each other.

“Don’t Expect Praise or Appreciation” – Also another easy one for me! During school, I obtained over 90% in practically all of my courses and my parents barely batted an eye. And at work, where I spend a hefty amount of my time, I get next to no thanks. It’s no biggie. It’s almost like a Buddhist’s way of not getting too excited nor getting too upset over things; they stay emotionally balanced. I don’t raise my expectations for praise nor do I get overly disappointed when I’m not appreciated. It sounds harsh, but that’s the best way. I accomplish things because they need to get done or because I want to do them. I don’t accomplish things in order to be praised. Simple as that!

“Give Proofs of Love” – Having Valentine’s Day amongst the mix definitely helped in the physical gift giving aspect of this goal! However, if I gave gifts to Teddy all the time to show him my love, I’d be broke! Like, more broke than I already am!
I made a point to hug him more often, and we say “I love you” practically everyday – whether it be in person or virtually. We enjoyed many calm, relaxing nights in watching movies as opposed to date nights out (remember, we have no money right now).
I will always try, not just in Februarys, to show Teddy my love and prove to him that I don’t take him for granted. He’s the best thing that’s happened to me! Through thick and thin!

As for my extra sleep report from January, I now have a Fitbit and have been tracking my sleep patterns! For the most part, I’ve been sleeping a solid 8 hours a night, give or take, which is excellent and what I wanted! There was one day I got 10 hours (weekend) and one day I got 6 hours of sleep (weeknight). I’d like to keep it in the 8 hour range 🙂
Overall, I think February was alright. The goals weren’t as tangible as January’s; I found these were more attitude and mental adjustments, so reporting on them wasn’t so easy. But I’m interested to see what March has in store!

I’d like to hear your thoughts – and if you participated – how you found it affected you! Don’t be shy!


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