April Happiness Results!

It’s that time of month again… You know, to report on my findings of April’s goals from The Happiness Project!
I don’t know what you were thinking. 😛

April’s focus: Lighten Up

“Sing in the Morning” – I’m often running late in the mornings, so remembering to turn on some music is not always doable, especially when I’m running from the kitchen to the bathroom, to the bedroom, to the foyer, and back again. I live with other people so I can’t exactly blare my music to hear it in all the rooms I have to travel. Although, a few times I had my music playing at a reasonable volume from my phone in my pocket. That was a good way to have the music travel with me as I flitted from room to room. If there was any singing alongside my music, I kept it to a low roar in my room or bathroom behind closed doors, haha! But I definitely found the days that I let myself be musical were much more lighter and funner mornings.

Love Much“Acknowledge the Reality of People’s Feelings” – This is something to do all the time. I can’t share this quote enough from Gretchen: “Experts say that denying bad feelings intensifies them; acknowledging bad feelings allows good feelings to return.”
Let your friends, your family, your lovers, whoever, express their bad feelings so that they can release it from their minds. Let them validate their feelings and acknowledge how things can be frustrating. Try to understand their point of view. But the same goes for you – don’t let things stew inside and don’t hold grudges. It just intensifies the negativity and blinds you from any joy. Lighten up, let it go, shake it off.
For the most part I don’t hold grudges, and if I care about the person in question, I often try to deal with any beef I have with them sooner than later. I hope they would do the same with me and not secretly resent me for something I may have did and not realized it.
Life is too short – Live well, Laugh often, Love much.

“Be a Treasure House of Happy Memories” – I’m not a big photographer of the day-to-day things, but when it comes to special trips or traveling, I’m all over taking photos! After the trips, I often upload them onto my computer and edit my favourites, cropping and re-colouring them to my liking. My computer is highly organized (I have an aneurysm when I see Teddy’s computer files), that way I can easily pull up photos from certain events to share or access. However, showing off these photos in the form of photo albums is a dying art. Usually they just get uploaded to Facebook and that’s that.
I’m more aware now of how I used to like flipping through photo albums with family or close friends to relive the experiences. I know I didn’t do anything about it this month, but I have photos from a couple of events that I’d like to print off physical pictures and place them into a nice album. I bet fun photo albums are hard to find these days too – probably stuck with the basic black leather-bound cover. My mom used to have these colourful designs all over the photo albums that she bought; it was very ’80s. And she had little comments or speech bubbles on certain photos to add to the humour of the situation. Ah, the good ole days…
Speaking of happy memories, I did relive my travels to NYC and all the Broadway shows I got to see, which you can find here.

“Take Time for Projects”  This will be something to keep in the back of my mind all the time. Projects (ex. holidays and birthdays) are year-round and to get the most out of them, it’s best to put in effort to make them memorable. Paint some eggs, bake a cake, build a snowman. Keep the traditions alive, and if you don’t have any traditions you like, then make new ones and pass those on!

Gretchen also took the time this month to reflect back on her happiness project thus far. She questioned if anything about her happiness had actually changed, or if this project was for not.
Personally, I find that keeping this blog helps me try to stay accountable for sticking to each month’s goals, but I’ve been becoming more slack with it. Yes, I admit it! Gretchen was very intense about this project, tallying herself at the end of every day. I haven’t been adhering to every goal every day, but on the whole, it’s allowed me to be more mindful of myself. At least that’s something, right? Self-awareness.
Also, by keeping a posting schedule, it’s been really opening my eyes to how quickly time goes by. Like really. It’s April 2015 already. It makes me realize how we need to enjoy our lives while we can. And this happiness project is just some pointers and advice on how to enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s not necessary to do everything in it, but I’ve definitely taken away from this project some things I wouldn’t have learned or done otherwise.
I’m curious to see what more is to come for the rest of the year and what other ideas I’d like to tailor into my life.

Peace and love folks! Xoxo


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