May Happiness Results!

Hey guys!
So the goals outlined in The Happiness Project (written by Gretchen Rubin) for the month of May, may have been the easiest thus far. After all, I am a professional at leisure – the month’s theme – but then again, who isn’t?!

May’s focus: Be Serious About Play

“Find More Fun” – This really wasn’t so hard to do, especially when I have such awesome family, friends, and people around me! Whether it simply was a movie night with Teddy; or catching up with Ms. Anne and watching American Horror Story; or playing some Final Fantasy X-2 and Mass Effect; or escaping an Adventure Room with my family, there was tons of fun to be had! For the latter part, have you heard of an Adventure Room? They essentially lock you into a room and you have an hour to escape, solving puzzles and finding clues that lead to your freedom. Obviously once the hour is up, they let you out, but we have full bragging rights for escaping with 10 minutes to spare!
Another fun adventure was Anime North in Toronto – a convention geared towards anime but includes everything awesome – there will be pictures to come!
If you’re interested in what I find fun, here’s a list (I love lists, haha):
-Video gaming! I have the most fun on my own, but also appreciate playing games with friends. I’ve enjoyed video games since the 8 bit graphics of Super Nintendo when it first came out, all the way to the realism of PS3. Heck, I even made a post about my top faves! Seriously, check it out; maybe we shared some favourites!
-Reading and writing have always been something I used to do since I was small. I had a bunk bed, so I kept a Goosebumps book and lamp tucked in the bed frame above me to read a chapter or two before going to sleep. I’ve since neglected this habit, but perhaps I need to make a revival of it!
-Watching movies is fun for me and Teddy. Ever since my first job at a Jumbo Video, I’ve been very attentive to actors and what they star in.
-Playing board games with family or friends is always some old fashioned fun! I have a couple friends who keep this activity alive.
-Going on adventures with friends can always be fun! Whether that means a night out on the town, going camping for the weekend, dancing at the club, or going on a road trip!
-Learning languages! I took French all through high school, and I took a couple years in Spanish and Latin as well. Once in university, I spent half a year learning Japanese – much more different than European languages, but engaging!

Teddy & I
Teddy & I

“Take Time to Be Silly” – For anyone who knows me, this is a daily occurrence for me. Sadly, being silly is challenging for some people, so that’s why Gretchen had to incorporate it. For me, though, the words silly, goofy, and geeky are synonyms for Markus.

“Go Off the Path” – This goal I can confidently claim that I did. I changed gyms – one that was more practical for my location and needs. Then, I proceeded to use said gym with a friend (I usually get a membership and then don’t use the gym). Then, I signed myself up for a couple of sessions with a trainer to increase my game. The goal is muscle mass, and we made a crazy goal of me putting on 20 pounds of muscle over the course of a year. We’ll see how that goes! So far I’m sore a lot, but I’m already noticing bigger biceps. 😉 😉 *kisses arms, then cries in pain*

“Start a Collection” – I officially have two collections. My first collection – key chains – grows slowly. Usually I get them from places I travel to like Dominican Republic or Vancouver. Other key chains are from places like the CN Tower, or when I went to Coldplay’s concert. Mainly, I collect them when I remember to do so!
My second collection – Pop! Vinyl figurines – has been growing steadily since this past Christmas of 2014. I managed to score me a couple when we went to Anime North. I currently have 28 of these little guys! Eee they’re so cute!

See, what did I tell ya? The month of May may have been the easiest yet! And I’m okay with that – it’s nice to kick back and relax every so often! I’m hoping to add some camping to the list of fun stuff for June, since it’ll finally be warm enough and we won’t freeze overnight.
All the best, peace out! Xoxo


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