July Happiness Results

Hey guys!
Holy smokes – things have been crazy these last few weeks. We’ve been trying to enjoy summer, going gamping (gay camping), getting my school stuff in order for September, editing another book for Teddy, and training new people at work since I put in my resignation! So I haven’t exactly had an abundance of time to get on a computer and share my experience with July’s Happiness Project. But now I do! So here goes…

July’s focus: Buy Some Happiness

“Indulge in a Modest Splurge” – Usually I’m pretty uptight about money because I’m always thinking about saving money for that house I want, or that vacation I’d like to go on… And it’s hard to divide all my moneys between bills, saving, and allowing myself entertainment expenditures. Not to mention having to support other people than myself at times – it’s too much pressure! And I think I’ve been more uptight about money lately because I know going to school will mean I will have to downgrade my job for less pay and less hours… So saving for that house is gonna be on the back-burner for awhile. I’ll barely be able to stay afloat.
So my version of a modest splurge is rather minimal. I bought the season Looking (racy show about gay guys living in San Fransisco) and the movie The Normal Heart (superb film about the initial breakout of HIV in NYC). Other modest splurges include the occasional weekend out for brunch at Cora’s, or getting an ice cream at Dairy Queen (that bitch is getting expensive!).
If my modest splurge should be more extravagant, then I’m all for it – but you’re paying! 😛

“Buy Needful Things” – We discovered there were two types of buyers: underbuyers and overbuyers. I am an underbuyer – I buy what I absolutely need to, and often neglect to get things if they aren’t on sale or if they seem too expensive at that store. I essentially underbuy so much so that I end up going without.
I was running out of toothpaste and some other supplies, like Oxy pads, that I had been out of for a week already. So I put together a shopping list and I made a point of going out to get it. If the item I wanted at Shoppers Drug Mart wasn’t on sale, I kept it on the list and checked out the grocery store in the same plaza. Behold, I was able to find the same non-sale items for cheaper at the grocery store. I went home with a complete list and felt successful and secure by having the supplies I needed for daily routines. I even bought an extra pack of bar soap! Now that is going above and beyond for me haha! I just need to keep at it and not let myself reach that point of running out of essentials to avoid midnight runs.

“Spend Out” – What Gretchen means is, stop saving your possessions for later; use them now. For me, it’s not often that I save items to use at a later time. I’ve always been the complete opposite of a hoarder and purge things from my life that aren’t useful. Granted, I’ve been gathering things here and there for our future house together, such as dishes, a griddle, bookshelves and the like, but those aren’t things I can necessarily use now – I have no room for it in my parent’s house, and it’s in storage. So I’m not really sure they count in this case.
Everything else that I have in my room or that is readily accessible is being used. And if for some reason I have no use for it, I’ll get rid of it.
Ain’t nobody got time for hoarding!

“Give Something Up” – I’m giving up my current job… Does that count? Ha!
I thought about what I’d like to give up, and I decided I had a couple of apps on my phone that I spent way too much time on and it ate up a lot of my data plan if I wasn’t on WiFi. I’m even considering deleting more social apps, but I haven’t reached that point yet.
The apps I got rid of were called Scruff and Grindr. Both of these are gay-related chat apps where you can connect with other homos around you – often for chat, making friends, or arranging hook-ups. Everyone uses them for different reasons; I found myself engaged in endless chats and soon found my time, and data, running out the window. Granted, I’ve met some great guys and made a number of friends via those apps, but I’m content without the apps now. They’ve served their purpose and it’s time to move on and nurture the friendships I’ve gained from it.
The only other social platforms I maintain are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I’ve never bothered with Tumblr or Pinterest, and I hate Twitter. I’ve even deleted Snapchat in the past, and have considered eliminating it again. We are always too connected, too plugged in. I personally want to be less connected to every little thing – I want to use my phone when I need to, I don’t want it using me. Like, do you know how long it would take to check every single social platform if you have an account on everything that’s available these days? I can’t even fathom it.
So, what did you guys give up?

I’ll see you guys again shortly with August’s theme in the Happiness Project!
Enjoy the rest of summer! Xoxo


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