Busy Bee; That’s Me!

Dear World…
Dear Blogosphere…
Dear Friends…

School is kicking my ass. Like, really.

Nap Time

I have been out of school for, say, five or six years now. I started it back up this September at Conestoga College for bookkeeping, as an accelerated full-time program. Because of this, I also quit my full-time job and got a completely new, part-time job. Well, the combination of school, crap-tons of homework, and working nearly 60 hours bi-weekly resulted in my free time diminishing to a big, fat zero.

As I’m sure some of you have noticed, I haven’t followed up on My Happiness Project since… oh boy… since August! To be honest, I haven’t had time to even read the book past August because of my choice to completely change my life’s schedule. For this, I’m sorry – to you, and to myself.

I’ve realized I can’t continue like this, as I’m burning out, so I’ve made a decision. I quit my part-time job to allow me to focus solely on school and the abundance of homework that comes with it. Today I can say that I’m a free man (from the clutches of shift work)! And I gotta say I’m already feeling a weight lifted off of my shoulders! So, yay to that! Bring on the “broke-ass student” status!

In regards to the Happiness Project, I haven’t quite figured out how I should proceed… I’d rather not drop the project altogether – I want to finish it! But it’s also not feasible to cram four-months-worth into December. So, maybe I’ll take December as a month to recharge and refresh myself with the things I enjoyed the most from January-August. Then, come the New Year, I’ll finish up the remaining four months!
I know the original goal of the Happiness Project was to last a year, but there’s no harm in making it last a bit longer, right? The ultimate goal, after all, is to learn from these ideas and suggestions to improve our quality of happiness to last a lifetime – not just one year!

That’s what I’ll do then! Sound good?!

Hope you are all doing fabulous! Xoxo Miss yous!



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