I’m Baaack!

20 Apr

Guess who’s back? Back again?! Back again, back again… Oh, er, hi!

I'm backIt’s just me!
Feels like I’ve been gone for ages, on an unscheduled, unplanned – but totally necessary – hiatus. After my final exam this Saturday, I will be FINISHED my adventure back to school! Done, finito, completo!
Then I will be looking high and low for that special bookkeeping job that justified my efforts – and hopefully start paying back the loans I’ve racked up! Jeez, food and basic living ain’t cheap like it used to be!

Anyway, I’m glad to have some free time again (granted, I should be studying) and I’m looking forward to blog-shenanigans once again!

Keepin’ it short and sweet.

PEACE HOMIES – see ya soon! Xoxo

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Posted by on April 20, 2016 in Life, Random


One response to “I’m Baaack!

  1. Kev

    April 22, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Can’t wait to read your new stuff. How you been?


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