August: Eternity

Hey all! School is just around the corner, which means summer holidays are sadly ending! Because of my own decision to return to college, like, next week, I had to quit my full time job. So long security! Oh well, I'm looking for a part-time job at the moment. I'm not worried – things always... Continue Reading →


July Happiness Results

Hey guys! Holy smokes - things have been crazy these last few weeks. We've been trying to enjoy summer, going gamping (gay camping), getting my school stuff in order for September, editing another book for Teddy, and training new people at work since I put in my resignation! So I haven't exactly had an abundance... Continue Reading →

July: Money

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or winter if you're down south)! The month of July was a toughie for Gretchen, as it addresses money and its relation to happiness. Over and over she would encounter the common phrase, "Money can't buy happiness," yet she considered the fact that those who are more well-to-do... Continue Reading →

June: Friendship

Holy Crow! June flew right on by – that's why I'm posting so late in the game! Sorry about that folks... Life happens sometimes, am I right? Luckily June's focus was something I feel like I already have a good handle on: friendships. Even though June has passed already, these tips Gretchen gives us are good... Continue Reading →

May Happiness Results!

Hey guys! So the goals outlined in The Happiness Project (written by Gretchen Rubin) for the month of May, may have been the easiest thus far. After all, I am a professional at leisure – the month's theme – but then again, who isn't?! May’s focus: Be Serious About Play “Find More Fun” – This really wasn't so... Continue Reading →

Teddy Wrote A Book!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! That's right, folks, gather 'round – my talented Teddy, Matthew Freake, has gotten his book published and its release date is today! It's exciting stuff, and I wanted to share some of it with you guys! It's called Forbidden and I've been sworn to secrecy to not reveal that it's actually... Continue Reading →

May: Leisure

Now that summer is nearly upon us, it's time to prepare for vacations and fun in the sun! So what better way than to crack down and get serious about play? That's what this month is all about – recognizing what you find fun, finding new venues of merriment, and making time for it! Gretchen tended... Continue Reading →

April Happiness Results!

It's that time of month again... You know, to report on my findings of April’s goals from The Happiness Project! I don't know what you were thinking. 😛 April’s focus: Lighten Up “Sing in the Morning” – I'm often running late in the mornings, so remembering to turn on some music is not always doable,... Continue Reading →

April: Lighten Up

It's April! In Ontario, the birds are returning home or emerging from hiding. I've seen a few robins already and the Canadian Geese are back to their home, soon to mate and have little goslings. I wish that meant there would be more Ryan Goslings to ogle... but alas! This month is all about taking... Continue Reading →

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