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HIV Awareness 2015!

Kiss n HugDecember 1st is World AIDS Day! Wear your red ribbons this month – better yet, all year – to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS, or to support someone you know who’s living with it.

It’s a day to get educated and know the truth about HIV and AIDS, in order to eliminate the myths that continue to cycle about it. And for those of you who are educated: share the word! Wrong information is the main fuel for cruel judgement, sour stigma, and outright ignorant behaviour.

The international goal is Getting to Zero – zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination, and zero AIDS-related deaths. It’s a strategy designed by UNAIDS; a division of the United Nations. And my contribution is to raise awareness. So many people are fearful of “catching” the virus as if it were airborne, without bothering to learn how it’s truly transmitted.

I challenge you to take the following quiz (especially my British friends). Some questions are notably UK-specific, so if anyone finds a good Canadian one, let me know!

HIV Online Quiz

How’d you do on the test?! Need some brushing up on the basics? Don’t worry, I got you covered!
I found another quiz (with a detailed answer key), that’s not digitally interactive, but certainly educational! It actually works great as a print-off to test your peers in the office or at school!

HIV Print Quiz

My best advice is for you to get tested and know your HIV status. Did you know that in Canada alone, 25% – that’s a quarter! – of those living with HIV do not even know they are infected! Why? Because in most cases there are no symptoms that you’ve even contracted the virus, or it’s shrugged off as any ole fever. The only way to know if you’re infected is to get a blood test.
The test is so simple these days. The nurse simply pricks your fingertip, extracts some blood, and tests it right there and then. You’ll know your status within minutes, rather than the usual two weeks it used to take. Search online for a local clinic near you.
How often should you get tested? Well, for those who are sexually active, it’s suggested every year. For those with further risk of HIV exposure, such as being in a mixed-status relationship, having condomless sex, or sharing needles, should get tested every three to four months.

The earlier you diagnose HIV, the easier it is to treat the virus and become non-infectious.
Respect yourself and keep you, and your partners, safe.

Fun fact (that I learned from my clever boyfriend): The red ribbon that signifies AIDS awareness is one of the first health awareness ribbons, created in the 80’s. It was only after that, that other health programs took up the ribbon and changed its colours and patterns for their own awareness campaigns.

If you have more questions, check out, for more Canadian information on HIV and AIDS.

Spread love and knowledge, not fear. Xoxo

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Teddy Wrote A Book!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
That’s right, folks, gather ’round – my talented Teddy, Matthew Freake, has gotten his book published and its release date is today! It’s exciting stuff, and I wanted to share some of it with you guys!
It’s called Forbidden and I’ve been sworn to secrecy to not reveal that it’s actually about my fantasy of living in a cabin with a bunch of men, showering together sans curtains, and getting drunk off of – oh, wait. I’m not supposed to tell you what it’s really about; it’s forbidden. 😛

Lucky for you, I don’t follow the rules! Here’s a quick synopsis:

It’s the summer of 1957 and Nathan is ready to get away from home to start working for his future. And what better way than to join the rail yard in Lakefield, Ontario? Hoping for some new experiences and a change of scenery, Nathan gets more than he bargains for.
His cabin mate and co-worker, Alex, is helpful in showing Nathan around, but there’s something unique about him that keeps Nathan captivated. Stolen glances and close encounters soon lead to unfamiliar feelings between the two of them. But as they sort out their emotions, Nathan must confront painful scars that resurface from the past.
Forbidden is an insightful tale of true love found and of ultimate tragedy. It explores the complexity of life’s obstacles for two young men discovering not only themselves, but each other, in a time where anything out of the ordinary is dangerous.

~~~~~~~~~~Forbidden Cover Art

Title: Forbidden
Author: Matthew Freake
Genre: LGBT, Gay Fiction, Romance

Release Date: May 17, 2015 – that’s today guys!

Amazon Purchase Link: Forbidden

Publisher: Mirror World Publishing


I’ve had the pleasure of reading Teddy’s book, and I gotta say, the craziest part was when that guy ripped the other guy’s shirt of–oh, wait! I’m not supposed to give spoilers either… How about an excerpt? Here ya go:

His eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen all day. He was so close to finishing that he ignored the pain in his eyes and the pain in his heart. He had to finish the book. His home office was small and the glow from the monitor caused the walls to glow blue; the same colour that reflected on his face as he typed. The one window in the room showed the large oak tree that encased most of his small backyard.
He stopped typing. He was finished, finally. Pausing a moment to read what he had just written, he moved the cursor up to the top of the screen, clicked on save, and then turned the monitor off. He sat back and felt accomplished. It had hurt, reliving all of those memories, both the good as well as the bad, but he was glad he had gone through with it.
He wiped away the single tear falling down his cheek and smiled. He was happy. He knew in his heart that Alex would have been happy as well.
“I miss you, Alex,” he said, standing up. He moved his office chair, turned away from the computer and left the room, leaving all of the memories contained within it.
The only man I ever loved is dead. This is our story…

You want another taste, don’t you? Don’t lie! Here, try this one on for size:

I woke up about half an hour later and when I sat up, standing in front of me was a naked man drying himself off. His back was to me so he did not see me. This was not the first time I had seen another guy naked, I was in sport teams at school after all, but for some reason this man had captivated my attention.
I lost myself in the sight of his body. I followed the straight lines of his neck and his smooth back, to the curves of his buttocks. In my head, I could see what his abs looked like and the way his chest was scarcely decorated with hair that traced its way down to just above his pelvis. I could not help but stare as he pulled his pants on and turned around. When he saw me staring he immediately turned red in the face as I felt the heat rise in my own face. There was an awkward silence hanging in the air. I looked away and focused on one of the floorboards on the other side of the cabin. It was then that he first spoke to me.
“Sorry for waking you,” he said.

That’s all the excerpts for now… Guess you’ll just have to get the book! 🙂
It’s available in paperback off of Amazon (which is great because it gets mailed right to your house!), or you can order it from the kiosk at Indigo/Chapters or Barnes & Noble, or you can get an eBook version. I personally like hard copies as opposed to digital versions, but that’s me!

"I'm on a boat!"

“I’m on a boat!”

Being Matthew’s partner allows me the privilege of revealing some lesser known facts. Like how he loves to torture me with scary movies and then turn off the lights, only to jump out at me from inconspicuous places, chasing me around the house! Or maybe that he snores or is intolerant to milk and my singing. Perhaps I might share that he really enjoys Disney princess movies and is actually a big little kid.
All in all, he is a great guy and I’m proud of his efforts! You done good, Teddy!
He even got all fancy and got himself a website.
Check it out: – if you see the “About” page, you’ll find more photos of his cute face!
You’ll also discover that in addition to Forbidden, Matthew has a series of short stories that are available to order, too! It’s a totally different genre, leaning more towards crime-meets-fairytales, and it’s a series he is still adding upon.

Thanks for stopping by – peace out for now, homies!


If you’re interested in following the remainder of this week’s book launch, here’s the link to the Blog Tour.

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