Ice, Ice Baby

Winter here in Canada is bitterly cold this month! So why not continue the theme while sharing with you the electronic beats of Canadian artist Lights! Did you know she was born in Timmins? I know a few gems from there 😉 Whenever I'm in the mood for some synthpop, Lights is always on my playlist –... Continue Reading →


Alanis Morissette – Rock Star Mama!

Teddy and I went to see Alanis Morissette in concert about a week ago at Caesars Windsor, Ontario!! It was only a small tour, which she labelled Intimate and Acoustic, and rightly so! The concert was purely acoustic – a mix of popular hits from various albums and some lesser known songs. Alanis was able to belt... Continue Reading →

You’ll Forever Be Ke$ha!

At some point in your life you've wanted to just let loose and dance your face off, right? Maybe be a little trashy and just don't care? Well, that's Ke$ha, like, all the time! She's recently changed her stylized name – Ke$ha – back to her birth name Kesha (both of which are pronounced Keh-sha),... Continue Reading →

Did I Mention Ellie is Golden?!

She's done it again! What has she done? More great music, that's what!!! Ellie Goulding has reloaded her second album Halcyon with even more songs that adds much more of a dance-pop punch! The revamped edition is called Halcyon Days and can be easily found on iTunes! I absolutely love this British star and am... Continue Reading →

Lily Allen Is Coming Back!

For those of you who already knew Lily Allen is off her hiatus, why didn't you tell me?! And for those of you who don't know Lily Allen, you're missing out! She's been in the studio for the past couple years and her third album release is coming May 2014!!! During 2012-2013, Lily Allen became... Continue Reading →

Treat or Trick, Aqualicious Style

Happy Halloween Folks! I thought this particular musical selection would cleverly fit the mood! It's a little bit of trick, a little bit of treat, and a whole lot of old time memories from your younger years (to be reminiscent of dressing up and rounding up candy)! Let's start with the Treat first from the Candyman himself:... Continue Reading →

You Are Where I Belong

Autumn approaches. I can tell by the radiant trees along the highway, all in various stages of their shedding. Seeing all the bright yellows, the rusty oranges, the robust reds, and every shade in between tells me the season is changing. Change is always occurring; I try to make the best of it when I can. Driving... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Paper Route

Summer jobs are scarce. So sometimes you gotta take a paper route as a kid. Thank god I never did, lol! The closest thing I ever got to a paper route was this band, Paper Route 😛 I've read on multiple threads and different areas on the Inter-Webs that people first heard of Paper Route via... Continue Reading →

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