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I’m Baaack!

Guess who’s back? Back again?! Back again, back again… Oh, er, hi!

I'm backIt’s just me!
Feels like I’ve been gone for ages, on an unscheduled, unplanned – but totally necessary – hiatus. After my final exam this Saturday, I will be FINISHED my adventure back to school! Done, finito, completo!
Then I will be looking high and low for that special bookkeeping job that justified my efforts – and hopefully start paying back the loans I’ve racked up! Jeez, food and basic living ain’t cheap like it used to be!

Anyway, I’m glad to have some free time again (granted, I should be studying) and I’m looking forward to blog-shenanigans once again!

Keepin’ it short and sweet.

PEACE HOMIES – see ya soon! Xoxo

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Anime North 2015

What’s Anime North you ask? Well, it’s a convention in Toronto that is very similar to things like Comic-Con and Fan Expo, but more geared towards the Japanese animation variety.

Yes, it’s super nerdy. Yes, that makes me a nerd. Yes, people dress up in cosplay 🙂
There are a lot of retailers selling official merchandise, but there are also many who are selling handmade, original pieces. From plush to swords, wigs to DVDs, posters to satchels, there’s so much to see!
I picked up a couple Pop! figures, a My-HiME boxset (one of my favourite shows), a scroll of Blue Exorcist, and some masks from Zelda! The masks were awesome and I’m going to get more next year, or just order them online!

Here are some pictures – enjoy! Click one and scroll through 🙂


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