Anime North 2015

What's Anime North you ask? Well, it's a convention in Toronto that is very similar to things like Comic-Con and Fan Expo, but more geared towards the Japanese animation variety. Yes, it's super nerdy. Yes, that makes me a nerd. Yes, people dress up in cosplay 🙂 There are a lot of retailers selling official... Continue Reading →


Spotlight: Miranda Hart

If you're looking for something to make you laugh, or even smile, look no further! Miranda Hart has got you covered! This British gal has written her own show that's one-of-a-kind and downright hilarious. It's simply called Miranda, as it's a semi-autobiographical comedy revolving around the daily shenanigans of her life. The show has won plenty... Continue Reading →

Resolution Time!

I didn't realize this until New Year's Eve, but all I ever wanted from 2013 was to be a Beer Pong Champion. And guess what? Becca and I won our match like a couple of bosses, and maintained the title of Undefeated Beer Pong Champions. Yes, I have a trophy. No, you can't see it.... Continue Reading →

Time Goes By, So Quickly

"Madonna LIED! Time does not go by so slowly!" a friend had stated. And I completely agree with that statement. Did you realize that it's August already?! Moreover, that it's almost September?! That's more than half the year done, and I'm still getting past the fact that we're in 2012! Where has the time gone?... Continue Reading →

Celeb Look-A-Likes!

Do you ever watch a movie, and wonder, "Hey! Isn't that this actress, from this movie?!" And then when you IMDB it, you realize it was that other actress that looks rather similar to them? That has happened to me before. And it has happened to me mainly with the following actors I'm about to... Continue Reading →

Originality Is Overrated

So, I found this thing at my friends' place last week. It was a book. And it sparked my interest. So I picked it up. And read the cover. And then I flipped through it. And read the random things within it. Some were funny. Some were humourously rude. Some were serious. Some were nonsensical. All... Continue Reading →

Communication Matters

Why does communication matter? Because it does 🙂 This is an obvious statement in life: "communication matters", but for seem reason it struck me more so during this movie I was watching. And I'm speaking of communication specifically in terms of relationships. What was this wonderful movie? Lemme just clarify right now, it wasn't over... Continue Reading →

A New Year, A New Blog

Happy New Year to one and all!!! May 2012 bring you further growth, joy, and enlightenment! With that said, have either of you made any new resolutions for yourselves? Or made any new life goals you want to reach, or perhaps you want to make even a simple adjustment to your life, like eat more brussels sprouts?... Continue Reading →

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