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Dabbling with Digital Dating

I was privileged to write for the Brant Advocate once again; check it!

Digital Dating

Once upon a time, I was a single man hopelessly looking for love. Casually, of course. They say you can never find love, but that love finds you when you least expect it. In a sense, that can be true. However, if you’ve completely shut the door to love, then magical opportunities will pass you over, so make sure you leave a window open.

But then, how does one search for love in this day and age? Blind dates set up by friends? College sweethearts for life? Getting someone’s number at the grocery store? Sure, but what about digital dating? Based on our extensive exposure to technology, it might not be surprising that a growing number of couples are meeting online nowadays. And I’m talking all forms of couples: queers, straights, lesbians, bis, and everybody in between. Having been involved with digital dating myself, I wanted to share some of my own experiences that could maybe help someone – maybe you – navigating the romantic interwebs.

For those of you who are utterly opposed to online dating, yes, yes, I used to frown upon it, too, thinking that there was no way in hell you could meet someone decent on there. As with most things in life, you won’t know until you try! What led me, personally, to try out virtual courting were rather simple reasons: my friends knew a limited amount of men of which they could “pair me up” with; I didn’t attend any post-secondary school long enough to meet dateable peers; I don’t pick up randoms from bars or clubs; plus, there aren’t any gay bars or clubs in town. Also, there weren’t any potential mates within my current circle of friends, and I wasn’t going to join the gym or a community club on the off chance of exchanging numbers with a cutie. Not to say joining a club is a bad way to inadvertently meet dates, but it wasn’t for me.

With my reasons in tow, and my curiosity peaked, I joined a couple sites – free sites that is! If you’re especially trepidatious like I was, definitely do not sign up for a website that requires a credit card. I used Plenty of Fish and a handful of gay-specific sites, but I’m not browsing sites anymore, so ask your friends if they know what’s up-and-coming. My digital dating days, however grueling, resulted in an absolute perfect match, and I’m happily head over heels with my knight in shining armour. But finding him wasn’t easy; there were a lot of frogs and toads that came before.

So, where to start? Obviously, you have to make an account by picking a user name, adding some info about yourself, and uploading a decent photo or two. I’d advise to keep your informational tidbits brief; list only a few of your interests, favourite movies, or books to spark conversation starters. Excessive lists become overwhelming and a deterrent. Also, don’t expect everyone to read everything on your bio, if it all. There were a couple times I had asked someone’s favourite colour and they replied back with, “Didn’t you read my profile? I shouldn’t have to tell you.” Is it so wrong to ask these questions during the art of conversation rather than memorize portfolios as if expecting an exam? The bulk of your personality will show through once you’re actually communicating with someone, so never bank on your profile’s bio to do all the talking.

What NOT to use for your profile pic!

Here’s what not to use for your profile pic!

The next biggest thing on your profile will be your display photos! These are the first digital impressions potential heartthrobs will see of you, so it’s kind of important you make them count. Photos that show your face or depict you having fun with friends are much better than an image of a beloved pet or favourite superhero. People want to see the real you, and happy pictures with smiles are much more likely to get attention than a mug shot that screams serial killer. If you’re only allowed one display photo, alternate it every week or month to keep your profile fresh and lively. Switch up your surroundings, too, because selfies in the bathroom get boring fast, so stop holding your phone up to a mirror. Oh, yes, and let me call attention to those half naked scandalous shots! Use your judgement on posting these because once something goes online, it’s free game and people are apt to save copies. Also keep in mind what your goal is when you pick your pics: do you simply want meaningless hookups or are you looking for someone who wants to take you seriously? You can always send snapshots of your washboard abs privately once you’re comfortable with someone, so don’t be pressured to have them plastered on your profile from the get-go.

Lighting from under the face is always flattering!

Pay attention to lighting; it can work for you, or against you.

Now you’ve got a rocking profile, and you’ve struck up some conversations. But how do you know who’s the real deal and who’s all talk? Ultimately, you test the waters, always follow your gut, and learn from your mistakes. I’ve discovered that some people can be deceivingly excellent at chatting you up online within minutes of talking. It’s not always a bad thing, however, don’t fall for every piece of flattery. Learn more about the person, and see for yourself if they obtain the same values or qualities that you desire. Make note if they are genuinely interested in you too, or if they keep referring to your body; that should tell you what their priority is. Perhaps there are certain habits you know you can’t tolerate? For myself, I tended to keep away from smokers and drug users because I knew I didn’t want to deal with the consequences of either. That said, I did try dating a couple smokers, much to my annoyance of having to stop every activity in order for them to have a cigarette. There were also a couple addicts I encountered and only discovered afterwards how heavily they relied on their drugs, so I quickly moved on. Handmade paraphernalia made from two-litre pop bottles sitting on the dining room table screams red flag to me.

If there are no immediate red flags and things are really hitting it off, give it a couple days of casual chatting before deciding to go on a date in person. Here are two reasons. First, if they are serious about meeting you, they won’t lose interest within that time, and if anything, they’ll become more excited and possibly plan a more creative date. Second, it helps weed out the desperate crazies. You know who I’m talking about. They are the ones that message you and, without responding, they message you within ten minutes again, and again, and then dare ask if you died or why you hate them. This is a major red flag and you need to abort mission. If you haven’t encountered this type of person, you’ve been blessed. Everyone has busy lives, so once a message is sent, they should be able to politely await a response – even if it is hours later – without sending tons more pleading for your attention.

Yes, show off your talents!

Show off your talents! Preferably in better resolution…

Once you deem the coast is clear and you’re ready to meet your admirer, agree on a time and place to get together that’s in a safe, public location. I strongly encourage digital daters to meet their digital suitors in person before investing weeks or months of time merely chatting online. By going on a simple date, you get to see if they actually look like their display photo and not a catfish. As well, for those who are curious, you’ll find out how tall they are, if they lied about their weight, and you’ll finally get to hear their real voice! Be mindful if they put in the effort to dress appropriately when meeting you. If they show up in their grubs, then they clearly don’t care enough and most likely won’t care about you anytime soon. You’re worth better.

Going for non-alcoholic drinks of some sort is always a safe and affordable bet; it allows for small talk to grow into random, deeper conversations. Go for coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, tea, soda pops, protein shakes, whatever works. Planning to go to a lovely restaurant is nice, too – it just gets expensive if you find yourself going on lots of first dates, unless your wooer is paying for everything! I was lucky enough to be spoiled this way a few times; eating lavishly, drinking many fancy drinks, and having my bill graciously paid for. For other ideas, going to see a movie is a rather horrible option when you’re meeting someone for the very first time; it leaves no room for talking to each other. Verbal communication during your first few dates is vital; you already know they can woo you from behind a keyboard, but can they carry a conversation in the flesh? Talking is what leads you to discover more about this person, such as: are your likes and dislikes similar; do they seem polite and well-educated; are they strongly opinionated to the point of shooting your ideas down; do they use hyperboles to trump your tales; or can they listen to you without appearing bored? You won’t learn everything in one go, but you might learn enough that you’ll want to attempt a date number two! Hopefully you do, because I think the second or third dates are the most fun; the majority of the nerves are out of the way, you’ve established a baseline with each other, and these sequential dates force you to be more creative. I’ve been cooked a home meal followed by Mario Kart racing, went hiking in a forest, watched a roller derby game, and even helped someone move into their apartment while meeting their parents!

Just be yourself and have fun!

Just be yourself and have fun!

Don’t be afraid to try new things and go on adventures. At the same time, play safe and be smart, especially if you allow yourself to be sexually active. Know your STI and HIV status, as well as your partner’s before the heat of the moment. There are no rules for how long you should wait to have sex, nor should you expect anything sexual on the first date; simply do what is most comfortable for the both of you.

Not everyone you meet will become Prince Charming or Cinderella, but it doesn’t mean you guys won’t share some laughs or teach each other something new. It goes without saying, but I’ll mention it anyway: be considerate while cruising online. In our day and age, digital interactions can be just as encouraging or disparaging as any other interaction, so we need to maintain the Golden Rule of, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” By being polite and nice to others, you never know where things will lead. Besides, Karma is watching you!

When all’s said and done, have fun with your dating while it lasts! So go forth and be frolicsome! Use your noggin to make smart choices, follow your gut instincts, and allow your heart to let some love in. Be safe everyone! 🙂

Thanks for reading!
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Bigots, Go Home!

Get Married

Do you think that when you get married, your family will be there? Really?!

I was asked this once. Not because I’m a misfit, not because my family disowns me, but solely because I’m gay. This person didn’t think my family would support me enough to attend my own wedding, whenever that special day comes.

Here’s a little background info: I was raised a Christian. I realized I was gay. The Christians in my white hick town don’t like that, for the majority. I stopped associating myself with these bigots.
I got a boyfriend. We posted on Facebook that we were engaged. A family friend thought it was appropriate to send me a message in regards to that. The funny thing: she used to be one of my babysitters.
She sent this message. Yes, I saved it, for this very reason: so I could share her uneducated ideology.
All quotations and capitalizations were of her own accord. I didn’t do it. Allllll her…

“Hey Markus,

I have for a while now had a heavy heart when it comes to your CHOICE of lifestyle. I look back to when you were baptized, thinking about going to BIBLE SCHOOL and making your life count for God… What happened?!?!?!?!

Now to hear about your “engagement?” To be honest it made me very sad that you have chosen to go down this road. I believe that you are playing in Satan’s playground and that God is faithful and you will be brought back with open arms to His kingdom. To be honest Markus, do you think that when you “get married” that your family will be there? Do you think that they will be excited? Really?! I don’t know what is going on with you but I pray for you that you will see the light, that your blinders will be taken off and that you will come back to you and I TRULY believe with all my heart that you are just out building your testimony. I don’t know for how long, but I will continue to pray until you come back to the kingdom.

I was reading my bible one day and I believe that God wants me to give you this word…..

Man and woman are made physically, emotionally, and spiritually different; yet they are designed by God to COMPLEMENT each other. “Become one flesh” combines ALL aspects of life. This is intended not only for procreation but of MUTUALLY meeting needs and is an illustration of the relationship between God and his bride, the church.

One last thing… scriptures state that homosexual behavior is an abomination to God. It distorts the oneness God intended in the sexual union between a WOMAN AND MAN, and defies childbirth, therefore eventually terminating the generations. On a positive note, for those who have participated in this sinful lifestyle, there is mercy and forgiveness (1 cor. 6:9-11) and you are not “trapped” in your genetic makeup and you can change (1 cor. 6:11) “In the past some of you where like that but you were washed clean. You were made holy and you were made right with God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.”

I pray Markus that you take this with love and not condemnation and know that I am NOT judging you, but speaking in love like a sister, as you are family to me!!”

And that was her message.
You can imagine how I initially wanted to respond. I wanted to be immature and rude and just tell her to jump off a bridge. But I didn’t.
Or, I could have been sarcastic and written something back like: “Omg, thanks for this message. My eyes are open now, and I know I’ve been a bad boy. I’m straight again; do you know any girls I can get pregnant?” But I didn’t do that either.
I took this chance as an opportunity to educate her. So I did my own little research and wrote back to her:

“Hey [Moronic Shrew],

I thank you for your concern, but you mustn’t worry yourself so much.
I understand not all of my family members are able to accept that I love [George] and that he loves me. It’s funny though, seeing as God is Love, is he not? [George] and I aren’t stirring hate, we’re expressing love.
Most condemnation of homosexuality is passed down by those who misquote the Bible constantly, taking things out of context and using it for their purpose. This was popularly done towards interracial couples and interracial marriages. People still misquote for whatever they want.

However, if people were to perhaps study the subject themselves and not reiterate what someone else said, they’d discover:
A) Jesus says nothing about same-sex behavior.
B) The Jewish prophets are silent about homosexuality.
C) Only six or seven of the Bible’s one million verses refer to same-sex behavior in any way — and none of these verses refer to homosexual orientation as it’s understood today.

The Bible is a book about God; not a book about human sexuality. Whatever was repeated constantly in the Bible is what was most important. Heck, the Bible (as some analysts say) has over 700 verses on JUST finances. That’s a hell of lot more than 7 verses taken out of context to condemn homosexuality.
In fact, the Bible accepts sexual practices that we condemn today, yet it condemns sexual practices that we accept. Lots of them! Here are a few examples. Feel free to find more of your own:

If it is discovered that a bride is not a virgin, the Bible demands that she be executed by stoning immediately.
If a married person has sex with someone else’s husband or wife, the Bible commands that both adulterers be stoned to death.
MARK 10:1-12
Divorce is strictly forbidden in both Testaments, as is remarriage of anyone who has been divorced.
MARK 12:18-27
If a man dies childless, his widow is ordered by biblical law to have intercourse with each of his brothers in turn until she bears her deceased husband a male heir.
Do not plant two kinds of seed in the same field, and do not wear clothes made with two different materials.
LEVITICUS 19:27-28
Do not cut your hair or trim your beard! Do not cut dead bodies (autopsies) or tattoo yourself.
If a man gets into a fight with another man and his wife seeks to rescue her husband by grabbing the enemy’s genitals, her hand shall be cut off and no pity shall be shown her.

Do we really follow those laws nowadays? No, we don’t. Those laws were made for the people of that time. Our times have changed. The main laws that should continue to apply regardless are the Ten Commandments.
Believe what you will, but remember what Jesus said: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12).
That, to me, means loving and dealing with their possible flaws. Don’t get me wrong here; my being gay is NOT a flaw. NOR a choice as you aforementioned.
That aside, hope all is well with you and your fam.”

And THAT, my friends, was my response to Moronic Shrew. BAM! Oh, it felt SO GOOD sending that to her!
But like seriously, if we followed any of those laws nowadays, we’d be a disaster. My parents are both divorced AND remarried… I’ll need a handful of stones to fix that “sin.”
It just frustrates me to no end how impractical people are when they refer to old scriptures that are a bazillion years old.
Oh, and let’s not forget the law where the women had to go into exile during their menstrual period. Ha! You know that one was written by the men who couldn’t handle moody women.

Upon seeing this exact blog post, Moronic Shrew actually sent me a message in response:
After reading your blog I just wanted to say the reason I didn’t respond to your email was not because you blew me away with how you see the bible but because what’s the point?! It’s like a blind man being healed and able to see but still thinks he is blind, even knowing you tell him he can see, he still believes he is right and can’t see… So we shall agree to disagree on this issue and allow time to sort this out.”

I simply replied with, “Agreed to disagree.” I haven’t seen or spoken to her since.

The point of sharing this story? To make people realize that LGBT people are still fighting for their rights to be treated as equally as any other human, all over the world. So, yes, educating others and standing up for your LGBT friends is still something you can do. We don’t need negative naysayers in our lives; merely purge them.

Emotions are a universal truth. Just watch this short video and see for yourself:

It’s Time

I’m a softie. I just watched it and shed a tear.

Have a good week y’all!!! Stand up for one of your LGBT friends this month! Spread the love! ❤


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