Dabbling with Digital Dating

I was privileged to write for the Brant Advocate once again; check it! Once upon a time, I was a single man hopelessly looking for love. Casually, of course. They say you can never find love, but that love finds you when you least expect it. In a sense, that can be true. However, if... Continue Reading →


Bigots, Go Home!

I was asked this once. Not because I'm a misfit, not because my family disowns me, but solely because I'm gay. This person didn't think my family would support me enough to attend my own wedding, whenever that special day comes. Here's a little background info: I was raised a Christian. I realized I was... Continue Reading →

Is Russia the Future Panem?

For February's Issue of The Brant Advocate, this piece touches on some of the injustices taking place within Russia and speculations on the safety of our Olympians during the Games this year. I encourage you to do some research of your own as well, but be prepared for what you may find; there's a lot... Continue Reading →

HIV: Update Your Status

The year 2013 marked the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day, and as my contribution, I put together an informative article to help spread the awareness. Please share the knowledge. Without further ado, here's the piece as seen in The Brant Advocate:        ______________________ Describe HIV to me in one minute. Go! Now tell me... Continue Reading →

Remove the Taboo!

June's Brant Advocate edition 🙂 ________________________________________________________ You’re driving down the road and you see a man and a woman strolling by with their arms locked together. Your mom comments, “Oh, what a lovely couple. Aren’t they cute?” You agree and keep driving. Further down the road, you clearly see a woman holding hands with another... Continue Reading →

Leading Russia into the Dark Ages

March's issue of The Brant Advocate contains this information-packed article: __________________________ Picture this: You’re with your colleagues, celebrating a milestone in someone’s life at a local club. It could be your wife, your boyfriend, maybe your best friend, or just a friend of a friend. Everyone’s having a good time, sharing laughs, dancing to great... Continue Reading →

It’s Official! I’ve Been Published!

Yes, I've made it into the newspapers! No, it's not because I was streaking downtown! It's because The Brant Advocate was so generous to publish my article among so many other talented writers! It was so amazing to see my writing – my work – officially printed in ink, on paper, and on the shelf for... Continue Reading →


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