Make Time to Escape

My contribution to August's issue of ViBrant Magazine Life can get busy, and time escapes us. Sometimes the days can fly by and before you know it, your first days of summer have slipped into crisp autumn evenings. I don't know about you, but I appreciate a break from the busy. A timeout from work,... Continue Reading →


Broadway in 2010

I've been able to experience New York City on two separate occasions – both of which were in 2010. My boyfriend at the time was attending a musical theatre school, and so when I went down, I was able to revel in the magic of Broadway! Luckily, I saw a total of 9 shows! Okay,... Continue Reading →

Family Road Trippin’ ~ Michi Style

Hey all! I've been absent, yes, but I have some pictures! The fam jam and I went on a mini road trip through Michigan, up to Sault Ste. Marie, through Sudbury, and eventually back home again. Onward to the pictures!! And there's my quick sampling of our vacation 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your summer,... Continue Reading →

Is Russia the Future Panem?

For February's Issue of The Brant Advocate, this piece touches on some of the injustices taking place within Russia and speculations on the safety of our Olympians during the Games this year. I encourage you to do some research of your own as well, but be prepared for what you may find; there's a lot... Continue Reading →

Gone Ottawa-ing

I'm going to Ottawa for the weekend betches!! 😀 I'll post on Monday night, so enjoy your weekend folks and hopefully the Grammy's are excellent this year! 😀 UPDATE! We got back home safe n sound 🙂 I took some pics. Check 'em. (Click the "Permalink" to see them even bigger)

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